Making Good Choices About Anesthesia

This article is courtesy of PRWeb and Harvard Health Publications, please share your comments below….. There are many types of anesthetic available, and the type chosen can affect recovery. Learn…

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Labeling “Calories In” And “Calories Out” Plays A Positive Role In Food Choices

This article is courtesy of PRWeb, please share your thoughts in the comments section below….. A recent study in Pediatrics (January 2015) and another in Appetite (July 2013), support the…

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The Influence Of Media On Our Food Choices

By James Lopez Mass media which includes radio, television and the print media is a great source of information for the society. Every day we are bombarded with images that…

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Vegan Food Choices For A Healthier World

By J.J.Brown, Ph.D. Reasons to Go Vegan For people who grow up in a family where eating meat is a tradition, giving it up for a diet exclusively of fruits,…

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10 Tips To Make Healthy Beverage Choices

From Your Health Journal…..”An excellent ‘tip’ sheet from ChooseMyPlate by the US Government on healthy beverage choices. Many times, I have blogged about drinking healthy, and even created a web…

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Reduce Obesity By Offering Choices

From Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting article recently by The Morning Call, written by Cass R. Sunstein – the article is called Reduce Obesity By Offering Consumer Choices. The article…

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Plants Over Meats

From Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting article I found recently in The Star Online written by Dr. Amir Farid Ishak simply called Plants Over Meats. I wanted to promote this…

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Optimal Workout Starts With Smart Diet Choices

From Your Health Journal…..”What a great article written by Linda Copp for U T San Diego called Optimal Workout Starts With Smart Diet Choices. So many people who train to…

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