Popularity Of Video Sharing Apps And Instagram Among Kids: Be Aware

By Jassi Singh In the past few years, popularity of photo sharing apps has increased immensely, especially, among kids. It has emerged as one of the prime mediums through which…

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UK Among Unhealthiest Of W. Europe Nations

From Your Health Journal…..A interesting article in SF Gate by Maria Cheng entitled UK Among Unhealthiest Of W. Europe Nations. I wanted to promote this article here not only to…

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obese child

Negative Impacts Of Obesity More Among Boys

From Your Health Journal…..”A great article today on Zee News an Australian publication I enjoy reading and promoting, which posted an article about the negative impacts of obesity on boys….

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Type 1 Diabetes Rate Among Young Children Grew 70 Percent Over 2 Decades

From Your Health Journal…..”So much as been in the news regarding the rise of obesity in children, and how so many children have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, formally…

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10-Year Drop In Smoking Among Virginia High School Students

From Your Health Journal…..”We always like to share good health news, especially when it comes to children. A great article from the Alexandria News which states a 10-Year Drop In…

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