New CDC Vital Signs Report – Alcohol Poisoning Kills Six People In The US Each Day

Thank you to PRWeb and the CDC for this article. Please share your thoughts below….. More than 2,200 people die from alcohol poisoning each year in the United States –…

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How Much Alcohol Is Safe? It Varies From One Person To The Next

What is your opinion of this article supplied by PRWeb, from the Harvard Men’s Health Watch? Please supply your opinions below….. Many studies link light to moderate drinking (up to…

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Alcohol And Teens: Parents Have The Opportunity To Influence

By Eugene Shatz, MD When it comes to teens, one thing is true: social pressure is powerful. We see how peers, the entertainment culture, and strategic marketing influence teens’ decisions…

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Energy Drinks, Alcohol And Teens Shouldn’t Mix

From Your Health Journal…..”A interesting article from a local CBS affiliate written by Ryan Jaslow called Experts: Energy drinks, alcohol and teens shouldn’t mix. Over the years, we have read…

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