Healthy Tip # 157

Another healthy tip courtesy of Dr. Donna Hartney What’s one thing that the everyday person can do to get one step closer to a healthier lifestyle? Learn how to prime…

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Healthy Tip # 156

Another healthy tip courtesy of Linda LaRue Here are two simple steps that help lead to better health–both for you and our planet–and weight loss too. 1. Have soup first….

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Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon

From Your Health Journal…..”Yesterday, we mentioned in an article about Michelle Obama’s impact on childhood obesity. There was an article that quoted the White House as saying she was responsible…

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Healthy Tip # 153

Another healthy tip courtesy of Sadie Nardini Easy Morning Mini Cleanse: When it comes to tackling your health goals, as well as showing up for your daily responsibilities, there’s a…

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The Fight Against Obesity – How Is It Going?

From Your Health Journal…..”I wanted to promote an article today by James Wolf that appeared in the Faribault Daily News entitled How goes the fight against obesity?. I will include…

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Healthy Tip # 148

Another healthy tip courtesy of Peggy Davis Massage therapy is a powerful ally in any health care regimen, from relaxing and rejuvenating to therapeutic pain management and stress relief. In…

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Healthy Tip # 145

Another healthy tip courtesy of Dr. Mike Roizen Walk 30 extra minutes every day, no excuses: Your Superhuman skill is . . .. exercise. New, ripped-from-the-headlines evidence shows that by…

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Healthy Tip # 142

Another healthy tip courtesy of Thais Harris One of the most important positive changes we can do to nourish ourselves is adding more vegetables! Certainly there are foods we would…

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Healthy Tip # 139

Another healthy tip courtesy of Kelly Jones To help kick start a healthy new year, focusing on nutrition labels is a must. One thing to look at is sugar. Sugar…

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Healthy Tip # 137

Another healthy tip courtesy of Kati Mora My top tip for everyday people to get one step closer to their healthy eating goal is… To choose fruits, veggies, nuts, or…

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