Studying A Business Degree Online Vs. In Person?

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Submitted by James Andrews

workdeskIf you want to study business then you may be trying to decide whether it’s best to study online or at college. Many of the courses you find being offered by a college or an online provider cover a lot of the same topics. Much of the difference is to do with the way you learn rather than what you learn. Studying online can be a very different experience from studying in a college environment.

Of course business courses are available at many bricks and mortar colleges as well as at many online providers, such as this college. There is certainly no shortage of choice. What you need to decide is whether you are better suited to studying online or in the traditional manner. We are going to take a look at some of the differences.


The level of flexibility is one of the biggest differences between online and traditional study. Many activities at a bricks and mortar college are set at a specific time and place. If you are studying online then there tends to be more flexibility around when you can study. You can read material when you choose to read it, and often you can view webinars after the fact. This makes online learning a good option for people who are trying to juggle study with raising a family. It can also make it a good option if you are already working and are looking to build on your qualifications.


Arguably, online learning requires more self-discipline. Obviously, even if you are attending college you have the option of skipping lectures and socialising instead of studying. But at college you have people around you to help motivate you. If you are studying online then you are totally reliant on motivating yourself. On the other hand, you don’t have the distractions of other students and college life to deal with.

Interaction with others

This is partly linked with the previous point. If you are studying online then you don’t have the same face to face interaction with other students and teachers as you do in traditional learning. Some people find this hard, but for many it can be a blessing. Some people find it quite difficult to interact face to face, so dealing with people in the digital world is perfect for them.

The amount of reading

Let’s face it, if you are studying business you are going to have to read a lot. The difference with studying online is that pretty much all your study is reading based, so you need to be prepared for that.

Digital expertise

Much like reading, you are not going to get very far studying business anywhere if you are not digital savvy. The difference in the case of online study is that digital knowledge is pretty much essential to everything you do.

We have taken you through a few of the major differences between studying business online and studying traditionally. Now it’s up to you to decide which type of study suits you best.