Simple And Easy Tips To Help You Remain Positive Even With Kidney Disease – Part 1

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By Jenny McNally

doctorSo you’re sitting there in front of your doctor, dripping with sweat because you’ve just been told that you are indeed suffering from kidney disease. You’re worried, scared… not knowing whether or not your life is ever going to be the same again!

You begin talking with all kinds of so called kidney specialists out there but no matter what advice they give, you feel completely hopeless. You’re just praying deep down that this has all been one massive mistake and that you will wake up from this nightmare at any moment.

Most people that get told they have been diagnosed with some sort of illness will go on to experience a lot of different cycles. These include starting out with denial, then getting angry, then experiencing bouts of depression and then finally moving onto actually accepting the fact that they have an illness.

But you need to act different. You need to go from denial straight to having a positive outlook on your future. The reason being is that not only is this a lot easier both mentally and physically but having a positive mindset will help you get into good health a lot faster.

There are a great number of research studies out there such as the work done by Dr Candace Pert which proves just how powerful the mind actually is and how it effects the body in a deep physiological way.

This is precisely why you must make sure that you remain positive from now on. Because doing so will help you make all the right choices and get you into incredible health in no time at all.

You also want to make sure that you aren’t one of those people that goes from being really happy to becoming really sad. This attitude will totally drain you out. But the good news is that if you implement the tips I share below then staying in a positive mindset is super easy!

1. Avoid Labeling Yourself In a Negative Manner!

The worst thing you can do when you’re trying to overcome kidney disease and move toward better health is label yourself in some sort of negative way. Don’t be that person who feels like a total failure every time something goes wrong.

Things go wrong all the time, but that doesn’t mean you are a failure. Accept the fact that things in life (such as you getting kidney disease) will go wrong from time to time but this doesn’t mean you can’t move forward and live a better and healthier life than you’ve ever experienced before. So avoid placing limiting beliefs on yourself and just move forward.

2. The Problems in Your Life Are Your Greatest Treasures

womantwistingThe reality is that if you study the most successful people in this planet you will realize that they experienced some of the biggest hardships ever. But instead of giving up on themselves they just got back up, brushed themselves off and then just moved forward… eventually going on to experience some of their great successes!

There is no reason why you can’t do the same. Instead of being held back by the reality that you have kidney disease you ought to use it as a platform to move forward and become healthier than ever before. Some of you might even have the ability to experience massive success that you will be openly recognized for.

But while not every single one of you is going to go on to experience fame, it doesn’t mean you can’t go onto experience positive change. Some of you might start to appreciate your personal relationships a lot more, while others of you will go onto really appreciate and value your own life more. Whatever you do start to value more know that there’s hidden treasure under the illness that you’re currently experiencing.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..