Signs That You Are Vitamin Deficient

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By Vivian R. Smith

doctorThe human body is one of the modern wonders of science for many different reasons. When your body becomes deficient of certain vitamins, it has a way of letting you know, which in some cases can save your life. Knowing what signs to look for can let you know stay abreast of any deficiencies in your body and will allow you to take the proper steps to fix these problems. There are many different vitamins and supplements on the market that can help you to rectify any deficiencies that exist in your body all you have to do is find a quality product from a supplement supplier. Scheduling a visit with functional medicine experts in Edmonton is a great way for a person to find out what is going on with the nutrients in their body. The following are a few signs that you may be vitamin deficient.

Check Your Mouth

One of the most noticeable signs that you may be vitamin deficient is the appearance of deep cracks in the corner of your mouth. These cracks can range in severity and can be quite painful if left unattended. Usually, these cracks are an indication that you have an iron or B vitamin deficiency, which can be fixed by changing your diet or taking a supplement. You can east more poultry and fish to increase these vitamins in your body or you can find a good multivitamin to fix the problem.

Face Rash or Hair Loss

Another obvious sign that you have a vitamin deficiency is the appearance of a red scaly face rash that will sometimes cause hair loss as well. This deficiency usually surfaces in people who eat raw eggs for protein because this prohibits the body from absorbing biotin. Biotin is an essential vitamin and without it the body will begin to suffer. While a vitamin B supplement can help this situation, you will also need to start cooking the eggs you eat.

Fatigue and Anxiety

If you start to become increasingly anxious for no apparent reason, then you may be dealing with a vitamin deficiency. In most cases, extreme anxiety can be linked to a vitamin b deficiency, which can be helped with supplements. Another symptom of this deficiency is extreme fatigue, which can diminish your productivity and overall well-being. You need to find a potent and quality vitamin B supplement that can give you rapid results. Be sure to speak with your primary physician to get advice on the best kind of supplement for your particular situation and health condition.

You will have to take your health seriously and notice any warning signs that may tell you that there is an issue with your body. Finding the right medical professionals to help out is vital.