Scoring High On The Positivity Meter

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By Steve Collins

thumbsupDay in and day out, we hear of the vitality of ‘positivity’ in our lives. Books like The Alchemist and The Secret tell us that how our thoughts control our lives, how our attitude and we is responsible for whatever good and bad happens in our lives. We do know all of this but at the same time is it really humanly possible to stay happy and positive all the time? No. At times, the pictures on the web of people who are always smiling and look positively carefree seem unreal to us. The real life does put us down; the real life does make us feel incredibly sad about our existence at times.

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the importance of a good, positive attitude. No matter how silly and illogical these things might seem, they do affect us. We cannot be all bright and positive overnight. It takes time and it takes effort. Here are a few tips that can help you score high on the positivity metre. These are no magic tricks, just simple changes in your habits and attitude to be inculcated over the time-

Make your anger very expensive – The things that make you angry define you the best. Is the morning traffic jam important enough to spoil your entire day? Yes, there are innumerable annoying things around us, but don’t let them affect you enough to uncork your anger.

The sky won’t fall – Honestly, things aren’t as serious as you take them to be. It’s just a project gone wrong- you can make things better. The sky won’t fall because of your failed relationship. Bad things happen to everyone all the time. Take it easy.

Learn to forgive – Holding on to a grudge would do nothing to the person against whom you have the grudge, it’ll only turn you into a sore person. Learn to forgive, forget, and let go. Even you’ve not been 100% just to everyone you’ve come across in life.

Think of the larger picture – Whenever you come across a so-called disaster, think that how will this situation affect you after five years. Would it still be of some consequence? If yes, then work on it. If no, there is no point worrying about it.

girlhatBe more observant – Pay more attention to people and things around you. Remember people’s names; remember the favourite foods and coffee styles of the people close to you. Remember these things and make use of them to make others happy. Be more observant of the nature around you.

Be generous with compliments – Everybody loves a compliment. Be the person who brightens up others’ day with a compliment early in the morning. However, make sure that your compliments are genuine. Nothing is as annoying as a fake compliment and the person who gives them.

Stay healthy – It’s difficult to stay all happy and vibrant in an unhealthy body. If you have constant body aches, cold, and cough, work on your immunity. Eat healthy and incorporate a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy body reduces your worries by more than 50%.

– Steve Collins is a professional Wrestling Coach and an avid Blogger, mainly blogging on wrestling, health and fitness. He loves to write on fitness tips for aspiring wrestlers and on pro-tips for professional wrestlers. He has an undying passion for wrestling, making him a pro on trade secrets for wrestlers, wrestling gear and do’s and don’ts for wrestlers.