Powerful Solution For Your Weight Problem

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By Alexander Ivlev

bigpantsA person is considered obese when his or her weight is 20% or more above normal weight. Obesity is a global problem. The main reason why people become overweight is stress and negative thoughts. Good news is you can lose weight easily without diets or pills. You even don’t have to go to Gym. All you need is ….let yourself become relaxed and accept the verbal positive suggestions given to you by your hypnotist while you are in a comfortable state of deep relaxation! Those suggestions will help you lose 3-5 pounds per week effortlessly.

Why can you lose weight with hypnotic techniques? Because the human body has the built-in mechanism for maintaining a healthy weight which is normal weight of a slim person. If you start eating every day healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish, chicken (you know what healthy food is) instead of heavy and junk food, your body will begin to lose weight gradually.

Usually overweight people can’t lose weight with diets because subconsciously they don’t want to lose weight. Hypnotic techniques for weight loss help easily to eliminate craving for junk food and sugar in one or several sessions. You can become a more selective eater: the more healthy food you eat to more unwanted pounds you lose. Now you know that there is no mystery of hypnosis for weight loss. All power is already within you. Hypnosis is a shortcut to your success!

You hear and see a lot of TV and Radio commercials for weight loss every day:

“Lose weight by eating berries!”, “Lose weight with drugs!”,” Lose weight with special diet!”

You probably never thought about hypnosis as a powerful tool for weight loss. And you don’t see TV commercials for weight loss with hypnosis every day, no doubt.

hypnosisWhy there are no front store signs such as “Hypnosis For Weight Loss” or billboard posters “Lose Weight With Hypnosis!”? Because people have fears about hypnosis, thanks to the movie makers and books writers. Some people even think that hypnosis can do brain damage.

By the way recently I have successfully hypnotized one of my weight loss client who had a brain surgery a year ago. She felt great right after a hypnosis session with me and she lost a lot of weight now without any diet or drugs. I sent a letter-report to her doctor explaining how hypnosis helps to lose weight.

So, the main question you may have is how hypnosis works for weight loss?

Here is my big secret for you my friend: hypnosis doesn’t make you slim, hypnosis only helps to accept positive suggestions to lose weight. As soon as your subconscious mind will accept such suggestions (usually this happens during a hypnosis session) your body will start losing weight gradually. Don’t get me wrong, If I say to you while you are in a trance: “You are losing weight every day, you are getting slim,”- nothing will happen. But if I will give you the suggestions to eat less food and smaller portions, very soon you will notice positive changes in your life.

Did you try many diets? Some other people tried numerous diets, drugs, Gym too. No success. Your willpower is strong, your motivation is high, you do everything to lose weight but all your extra pounds are still there, right?

Will you be surprised if I will tell you that you can’t lose weight because subconsciously you don’t want to lose it? You are surprised now! So, any time when you try to lose it, you self-resist it and as a result you get no results at all. The harder you try the more resistant you become! This is not your fault, this is actually your subconscious mind’s fault because subconscious mind controls and protects your eating habits. Here is my big secret for you: If your eating habits will be changed, you will start losing your extra weight! How to change your eating habits?

Any habit can be changed or even eliminated with special positive suggestions given to a hypnotized person while he or she is in a hypnotic trance state. As soon as your subconscious mind will accept such positive suggestions you will start losing weight naturally. Normally you can’t access your subconscious but with hypnosis it’s easy.

saladplateYou can lose 3-5 pounds per week effortlessly. No any diets, drugs or Gym needed. Your mind can be “re-programmed” to eat healthy food instead of junk food. Your body has a built-in mechanism for weight management. When you start eating healthy food this mechanism will be re-activated that’s why it’s very easy to lose weight with hypnosis.

My 60 years old client Amy asked me to help her eliminate her craving for cookies and ice cream. She ate a lot of sugar and as a result she added 40 pounds extra to her normal weight. Why does she like sugar so much? One of the main reason for eating cookies and ice cream between meals is… a habit to do so! That’s it. The more she tried to stop eating it the more she wanted to eat it!

I explained to Amy that because she had never been hypnotized before, we should do simple exercises that will help her to enter a hypnotic state easily. So we did some very simple exercises and after 10 minutes Amy was ready for hypnosis.

She has entered a very comfortable state of relaxation and felt herself very peaceful and calm during the session. I gave her my positive suggestions for craving elimination while she was in hypnosis and right after the session she became sugar craving free.

In only 2 weeks after hypnosis she has lost 4.5 pounds already and she doesn’t have any craving for cookies and ice cream. Every day Amy eats apples, bananas and dates because she knows that all fruits and vegetables are very healthy food for her body. Amy also knows that her body is losing weight naturally without any effort. She feels great now!

Alexander Ivlev, Consulting Hypnotist