New Zealanders Dying Of Obesity

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From Your Health Journal…..”This web site tries to educate on healthy lifestyle, and one of the ways we do this is to give snips of stories around the internet, leading you to their web site for the full story. Today’s article comes from New Zealand, where the title states more New Zealanders are dying from obesity. In the country, more that 60% of the adult population is considered obese or overweight. Many years ago, I would only read stories that discussed how US citizens were putting on the pounds. Now, articles like this are appearing all over world, not just the US. One common issue, not just in the US, but all over the globe is the advancements in technology. More people are sitting throughout the day since they are so tuned into their technology. My legs are tight right now just from making this post, and I have only been sitting for 10 minutes. Some people are literally static in their chairs for hours at a time. Then, hunger sets in, and we start to consume a snack, then get right back to the computer. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article.”

From the article…..

Restaurant portion sizes should be cut and adverts promoting unhealthy food banned from New Zealand television to curb Kiwis ballooning waistlines – the advice comes as new figures reveal that we’re living longer, but are sicker than ever before.

This year more New Zealanders will die from obesity-related illnesses than will be killed in car crashes.

But obesity is now so common that many of us fail to recognise that it’s an issue at all.

“More than 60 percent of adult population are either overweight or obese, that in a sense it seems to be normal,” says medical director of the Heart Foundation, Dr Norman Sharpe. “And so I think that leads to a degree of denial and inaction.”

Latest research from the Global Burden of Disease study reveals obesity is now killing three times as many people worldwide as malnutrition.

And in New Zealand a high body-mass index is now the leading cause of years lost in lifetimes thanks to poor health.
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It’s alarmed health experts who say it’s time more drastic measures were introduced.

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