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booksMy Life as a Diet: American’s Transformative New Book Offers Bold ‘Gift of Hope’ to Frustrated (and Still Overweight) Yo-Yo Dieters.

Written by Maurice Horwitz, following a lifetime of fad and yo-yo dieting, ‘My Life as a Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters!’ offers a renewed passion toward life and a proven healing plan for those who have faced the harsh realities of obesity. Fusing his compelling personal story with an abundance of wisdom and advice, Horwitz’s latest release is poised to change the lives of thousands.

69% of American adults are overweight, and one-in-three embarks on a fad diet each year that often adds to the yo-yo nature of their weight loss efforts. Maurice Horwitz was once one of them; fat, no energy and constantly facing the loneliness obesity inflicts. However, after a dramatic life transformation, Horwitz has released a new book to help others break the dieting cycle and triumph to unprecedented new levels of health and happiness.

‘My Life as a Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters!’ cuts to the core of those struggling with obesity. Fusing his life-changing advice with a heartfelt message of support for those facing loneliness due to their weight, Horwitz is one American underdog to be celebrated with gusto.


The book, My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters, is a gift of hope for all never-ending (yo-yo) dieters. Maurice Horwitz shares his heartfelt understanding of the harsh realities of being fat and living with a diet mentality throughout his entire life. Through his candid words you quickly realize that they are not alone, that someone truly understands and cares, and most importantly helps you to recognize that there is hope in the lonely world of being fat and never-ending dieting.

In sharing his powerful, transformative healing plan you are given simple steps that will have you waking up with a smile, feeling a renewed passion for life, believing in yourself, and most importantly acknowledge that you are perfect no matter what you weigh. Ultimately this shift in your psyche will allow you to accomplish anything you desire, including permanent weight loss. Maurice inspires you to heal and to unlock and live their dreams and aspirations. Hope is here. You are not alone!

“This book is the missing link in the lives of those who are obese and struggling to lose weight; tackling both the physical and mental aspects of the affliction,” says Horwitz. Continuing, “Most weight loss books are written by Doctors – but this message of hope comes from my years of personal adversity and torment. I’m no Doctor – just a guy whose weight was wrecking his body and soul. My new plan, contained in the book, will help anyone out of this rut and into a new life that they never expected to find”

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive.

Andrea P. Katz comments, “What a wonderful resource for life-long dieters. Whether you are morbidly obese or simply always trying to lose weight, this little gem will give you inspiration. It is uplifting and wise. Read the book!”

William. C. Broderick adds, “My Life as a Diet is a beautifully written guide on how to love yourself in a world where obesity is a source of pain and torment for millions. Mr. Horwitz’ insights come from a life centrally focused on losing weight and the highs and lows associated with the successes and failures of his attempts. I highly recommend this book for those whose lives are controlled by the scale in their bathroom, whose sense of self is dominated by what you weigh or for anyone who loves someone who is obese.”

‘My Life as a Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters!’ published by Horwitz Publishing LLC, is available now:

About the Author:

Maurice Horwitz was born and grew up in Houston, Texas, where he still lives today. His education includes a BA in theater arts from the University of Houston, and a MPA master in business from the University of Texas at Austin.

Maurice had hoped to have a career in show business but his journey led him down a completely different path. He became a tax accountant and for the last twenty-six years of his professional career worked for the U.S. Government. With job burn out, Maurice retired early with his intention to dramatically change his life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The year following his retirement he lost one hundred thirty-eight pounds. The next chapter of Maurice’s life led him down a bumpy road that included a number of very serious health crises. During the one-year period of these crises Maurice gained back most of the weight he had recently lost. While recovering from the last of these medical traumas, Maurice realized that his weight and life were totally out of control yet once again. This jolting wake-up call ultimately guided Maurice to develop a life-altering healing plan for his self. With courage and devotion to this plan, Maurice experienced a dramatic change in his psyche and life. He knew that the time had arrived to access his talents and to share his deep understanding of living with being fat and his personal healing plan knowing that he would help others like himself. The result of Maurice’s work is his book, “My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters!”

This book is for people struggling with weight issues and “anyone” wishing to change their life for the better. Maurice shares his simple yet powerful, transformative healing plan giving you the stepping-stones needed to achieve extraordinary results. With personal commitment and a little patience, the plan will guide you to a treasured state of happiness no matter what you weigh or what obstacles that you are facing in your life.