Nearly 70% Drive While Drowsy

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didyouknow?’s survey shows people drive when ill and when their car needs repairs.

Driving while sleepy is the no. 1 behavior among people who drive when they shouldn’t, yet 60 percent of people think drowsy driving should be illegal, according to a new survey by, an independent quote comparison website.

Lacking a door that shuts, a working speedometer, a required child seat or glasses also doesn’t stop some people from hitting the road, according to a survey of 2,000 drivers commissioned by

Drivers don’t need to pass a physical to get behind the wheel, but survey results show it may not be a bad idea. People who have driven when they shouldn’t said they did so when:

1. They were sleepy: 68%

2. They had a headache: 53%

3. They were sick enough to be in bed but got up to drive: 35%

4. They were less drunk than a friend: 23%

5. They weren’t wearing needed glasses or contact lenses: 16%

6. They were taking narcotic pain medicine: 15%

7. They had an arm in a cast: 8%

“Fortunately car insurance is a safety net for bad decisions like these. If you crash because you’re sleepy or sick, your insurance will still pay,” said Managing Editor Michelle Megna. “But your insurance coverage could be in jeopardy if a doctor specifically advised you not to drive.”

In other cases, it’s the car — not the driver — that shouldn’t be on the road. People who have driven when they shouldn’t did so despite the following:

1. “Check engine” light on: 61%

2. Couldn’t see through snow or ice on the windshield: 32%

3. Windshield wipers not working: 26%

4. Speedometer broken: 21%

5. Horn didn’t work: 19%

6. Headlights not working: 18%

7. Flat tire: 17%

8. A door had to be held closed: 10%

9. Without a required child seat for your child: 7%

10. Car was filled with exhaust fumes: 6%

11. There was no driver seat or the seat was broken: 5%

“A combination of two or more problems could increase the risk of a crash exponentially. Imagine having your arm in a cast and also trying to hold your car door shut,” said Megna.

The freedom of jumping in the car and getting where you need to go is tempting even if common sense – or other people – suggests staying put. In the preceding 12 months, 46 percent of drivers drove once or twice when they shouldn’t have; 11 percent did so three to 10 times and 3 percent did so in more than 10 instances.

While 79 percent of people did not drive when others persuaded them to hand over the keys, 21 percent ignored the prudent advice of others. Here’s why those who drove against advice did so:

1. I had to go to work: 21%

2. I had to go home: 13%

3. I had to go to the doctor: 4%

4. I had to pick up my kids: 3%

Read the entire article here: commissioned a survey of 2,000 licensed drivers in December 2013.

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