Managing Your Weight And Staying Healthy

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scaleMost Americans can agree that when warm weather rolls around, we notice the weight we’ve put on over the cold winter months. Although it’s only natural to have some weight fluctuation this is not to be confused with eating disorders that require professional help. Please keep in mind that food addiction treatment is necessary at times and many people have had a lot of success with Rader Programs and other treatment programs, even individuals who have tried other more outdated methods. Below are some more common reasons for having a few extra pounds, but that should not be confused with binge eating that requires medical attention.

Lack of time

Not having enough time to cook or exercise is a common reason people tend to walk around with extra weight. Ten years ago there just weren’t nearly as many solutions as we have today. The days of exercise tapes and home work out routines have reinvented themselves. Now we have wii fit, and countless apps that help track calories and make exercise fun. A free and very popular app, My Fitness Pal, tracks calories using a barcode scanner which can find virtually any food you might eat at home or on the go. Keep in mind you can use an app to track your daily movement, and if you happen to have a labor intensive job you should be able to count that as exercise.

Emotional Eating

Did you know that your body is designed to be able to consume large amounts of food? The ability to consume more food than we actually need stems from times when humans were unable to eat regularly. Due to this mindset of feast vs famine we’re able to consume more food than we need. During times of high stress we physically are able to overeat, allowing the cycle of emotional eating to begin. One way to control this is to measure out food and prepare it ahead of time. When you meal plan you are not only counting calories but you’re showing your body what it needs rather than what it craves. If you feel like you are an emotional eater try to plan out meals ahead of time. This will train your body to recognize when it is full rather than assuming your brain will tell your mouth to stop eating. If your emotional eating seems to be serious you should take the time to talk to a professional. Finding out the cause of your stress is a sure fire way to solve this; it just might take time and open up emotions that you should discuss with a professional.

Choice of beverage

What are you drinking with meals? It can be easy to choose a diet soda at a meal (especially when dining out) but drinking even just a glass of water before eating can help kick your metabolism into gear. If you struggle choosing water try carrying around a filtered reusable water bottle. Frequently, when buying something to drink the water is displayed right next to other less nutritious drinks, making it difficult to choose water. If you carry around your own water bottle you won’t be tempted to go into a store and expose yourself to other drinks as well as snacks. Some dieters are successful just based on limiting themselves from other choices. Limiting alcoholic beverages and replacing them with water in the evening is also a quick weight loss solution. If you must have a drink try a cocktail with seltzer water rather than sugar juices; it might not be as tasty but your body will appreciate the hydration.