Lose Weight And Feel Healthy By Cycling

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By Michael Peggs

BikingCycling is a fun and healthy exercise for all the family. Not only is it a great way to get everyone together and outside in the fresh air, away from their iPads, but it can also improve your family’s fitness, and help your children to lose weight and feel healthy. There are so many benefits to cycling but let’s start with the most important. As one of the easiest aerobic exercises, cycling burns a ton of calories and can help to combat obesity.

With nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children dealing with obesity problems every day in the US, this real health issue has been exacerbated by our sedentary lifestyles, computer games, processed foods and activities that replace physical exercise. While you may be no Martha Stewart in the kitchen and struggle to provide nutritious balanced meals for your kids every day, getting them on their bikes, even just two or three times a week, will be a great help. Nearly one in three kids in the US today is overweight or obese; don’t let yours be one of them.

Cycling also causes our hearts to beat steadily and improves overall cardiovascular fitness, which can decrease the risk of developing heart diseases by as much as a half. So, not only will you be helping your kids lose weight, but they will also be warding off potentially life threatening conditions later on. What’s more, while it’s rather an exaggeration to say that cycling will ensure your kids don’t smoke or drink later on, it may well be a deterrent, as the lung capacity needed for constant stamina on a bike is significantly affected by smoking and most people who cycle have a lower desire to smoke or drink.

Cycling is also a relatively cheap way of keeping your family fit. Once you buy the bike and the helmet, the cost of maintenance is very low and you don’t have to pay regular subscriptions. You also have the bike at your beck and call 24 hours a day and don’t have to fit in with a gym timetable or soccer practice dates. Fixies are currently hot right now and that’s good news for parents, as these fixed gear city bikes are inexpensive and provide endless customization possibilities that let your kids identify with their bike and give it a color and personality of its own.

Cycling to school instead of taking the bus, or instead of you having to drive them can also save you considerable money on bus fare or gas. If you want to set a good example for your kids, you can even think about cycling to work. Not only will you feel better and set a healthy pattern for your kids to follow but it will help you to lose weight and help save the environment in the process.

Last but not least, cycling can also make your children feel happier. The released endorphins from regular exercise, combined with being outside and enjoying nature will help them to study and sleep better, let off steam and be happier. So, the next time you see bikes for sale, just think about all the benefits you could be bringing yourself and your family.

– Michael Peggs is the founder of digital marketing agency Marccx Media, where they specialize in SEO and Content Marketing. Before Marcxx, Peggs worked at Google in business development, forming digital media and advertising partnerships. He is also a blogger and podcaster, hosting the iTunes Top 10 New & Noteworthy podcast You University – The Personal Branding Podcast.