Look Out For Childhood Obesity

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From Your Health Journal…..”Yes, this is a local story, but a great lesson for others on a national level – as a community is coming together to fight childhood obesity. The facts have been presented here many times. Millions of children worldwide are overweight or obese. Change is needed, education on healthy lifestyle is important, and government assistance critical to help children have healthy futures. The rise in obesity is causing many children to become ill, have weaker immune systems, and have increased risks factors for heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.”

From the article…..

St Johns County Junior Alliance of Medicine spokesperson Jeani Taliaferro, wants to educate Historic City News readers in the community about what she says has become an urgent cause for their group — spreading the message about the dangers of childhood obesity.

As part of their activities, Junior Alliance students produced and manned a display at Ancient City Kids Day warning everyone to look out for childhood obesity.

“Many of our students are involved in an ongoing project at the Wildflower Clinic; creating health education displays for their waiting room,” Taliaferro told reporters. “At Ancient City Kids Day, our students led visitors in exercise activities and gave away heart-shaped whistles to the participants.”

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