Laser Dentistry: A Complete Case Study

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By Dr. Gholam Ali Miamee

dentistWithin the past few decades, laser dentistry has emerged as one of the most revolutionary techniques in the world of dentistry. Gone are the days when the patient used to fear dentists and dental processes were considered as gruesome and painful. With the introduction of various laser therapies, the whole process has taken on a new and more natural outlook.

Laser Dentistry is a painless process of doing the traditional dental drills with the help of dental laser that has incredibly reduced the amount of anesthesia that was administered in the patients in past. Moreover, this new technique involves no use of the much dreaded dental instruments. In short, laser dentistry is free of excessive and continuous drills and shots.

Many people have benefited from this advanced technology to their satisfaction. What makes laser dentistry superior to the traditional dentistry methods is the level of accuracy and the long lasting effects. Apart from these, this technique has got a lot many impressive features that will surely convince you to opt for laser dentistry over the traditional drill and shot appointments in future.

Here are some of the major advantages of laser dentistry over conventional drills:

• Increased comfort and less pain as there is no involvement of dental drill whose pressure and vibrations cause pain.

• Laser dental treatments are precise i.e. only the affected area is exposed to the laser, leaving the surrounding area unaffected.

• The conservative cutting in laser dentistry causes no or a little swelling and bleeding.

• Laser dentistry is versatile in that it can perform a number of functions ranging from decay removal to smile design.

• Since no high speed drills are involved in laser dentistry, the patient experiences no traumatic effects and hairline fractures as those caused by dental drills.

• And lastly, the accuracy and precision achieved by laser treatment is unparalleled by all available conventional methods.

Four major therapies that are prevalent in the laser dentistry include periodontal therapy, desensitization therapy, endodontics, and tooth extractions. A brief intro as well as benefits of each therapy is given below:

• Periodontal Therapy

toothThis is the replacement of conventional deep cleanings with an ultra-gentle process that is less painful and more durable. Laser periodontal therapy eliminates deadly bacteria from gums and thus improves the cardiovascular health.

• Desensitization Therapy

The most common of all the dental issues is sensitivity that doesn’t let you enjoy your favorite ice cream or a hot cup of coffee. The permanent solution to sensitivity can be alsobeachieved with the help of laser dentistry. It uses the low intensity lasers to collapse the microscopic dentinal tubules that are the very reason behind sensitivity.

• Laser Endodontics

This technique is a hundred times better than traditional drills. Unlike conventional treatment, laser endodontics doesn’t use any mechanical tool or toxic disinfectants to get the desired results. It offers a long lasting treatment by disinfecting the root canal system and removing the infection tissues with the help of deeply penetrative lasers.

• Tooth Extractions

The painful tooth extractions are also revolutionized with the help of laser technology that doesn’t involve heat producing thermal drills and offer minimal discomfort to the patient.

All in all, laser dentistry offers an easy and less excruciating solution to dental issues. Not only does it save one’s time but it also offers durable treatment. This coupled with the above mentioned advantages makes laser dentistry the one and only answer to all your dental problems.

– Dr. Gholam Ali Miamee is an Invisalign Dentist at Reston Town Center Dental, providing an advanced dental care in Northern Virginia.