Kids And Medication – Part 1

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By Ashley Hardway

cutekidsWhen children are young you never know how they are going to respond to medicine. With some kids it is simple and with others it is nearly impossible. My children were complete opposites; one who hated medication and one who could take pills as a toddler. It can be a concern either way.

My first child could not swallow pills and hated medication of any kind. At first she did alright with the flavored liquid medications but if she had a fever for too long she began throwing it up. She would just look at the medications after a couple days and gag. It was so frustrating because it was imperative to get her to take the medication because of the fever and yet she could not. It got to the place where at one point where she could not take the medications or even drink the Pedialyte that the doctor told me to give her for hydration.

Of course I had taken her to the doctor several times and at this point he was telling us she was dehydrated. We had no other choice but to put her in the hospital. When this happened she looked at me with big brown eyes pleading to go home. I know I am not the only parent who has ever been in this position. It is not a memory that I cherish. And then to top it off she had to have an I.V., of course, and then she looked at me as if I had betrayed her. All in all it was not a good time.

pillsOn the other hand my boy was a medicine taker. From the very beginning he could throw back a pill and swallow without blinking an eye. He was not a fan of the flavored liquids but he would take them if need be. What worried me was that he would take any pill you handed to him. This child was able to lie down and have his blood taken at age two and actually wanted to see the blood and the needles. That horrified me. The first time we took him for blood they wanted us to hold him down. He looked at us like we were crazy and easily let them take blood. When they were done he wanted up and got up and looked over at his bandage and ripped it off. He threw it on the floor and stepped on it and said, “Let’s get out of here.” That was the kind of boy I was dealing with.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

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