Increase The Chances Of Success In Weight Loss – Part 2

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By Gianna Harper

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

4. Don’t be too restrictive or harsh on yourself

womantwistingChances of sticking to any health program are emboldened when you do not act too harsh on yourself. A little indulgence incorporated within your diet plan leads to a bigger probability of seeing your program to its end. In addition, your exercise plan can include only four days of rigorous exercise with two days of lighter schedules that will fit in your routine and give you some time off too.

5. Re-format the exercise plan every three days

Our body has a mind of its own and gets very soon bored of any program we push it to. So the trick is to keep the mind guessing and never falling on a routine. You can either break up your exercise plan into bursts of several activities or occasionally spice it up with a new set of programs. for example you start with cardio and weight training for the first three days. Then on the fourth day to seventh day go for rigorous kick-boxing and swimming. Next go for speed yoga, pilates or Zumba or even some group activities like aerobics, cycling etc. You can also try some rigorous sport for two days every week. All these give you a variety taking off the monotony from your routine as well as refrains your body from getting acclimatized to any situation. Thus you end up losing weight periodically as well as with a more active participation.

6. With added respect to water

Water is currently known as the key instrument that leads to a good weight loss program. The key to any successful exercising program is to incorporate water in high doses and at regular spacing. Water also flushes out all toxins from our body acquired throughout the day through stress, strain, bad food, and bad thoughts. Al full glass of water in empty stomach in the early morning help our internal organs feel refreshed and re energized. Later on a glass of water before every meal keeps the need for aerated drinks off our menu and also keeps us feeling fuller with lesser food amounts.

Above all, the intention and need to stay put on our designed weight loss program depends on the less we make it feel a burden and more making it part of our lifestyle. We need to be conscious of the usefulness of a healthy body to make ourselves feel the necessity to eat right and live healthy all though our lives than just restrict it to a few months or years of our lives.

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