Increase The Chances Of Success In Weight Loss – Part 1

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By Gianna Harper

bigpantsFocus and devotion are the two simple pillars on which the success of any weight loss program solely rests. Any weight loss exercise involves tremendous amount of honesty to begin, peppered with the right knowledge and structured guidelines. A professional help is a must-have especially for an appropriate diet program and an exercise schedule. Given all these factors there are added wheels to ensure that your weight loss program runs smooth and swift.

1. Motivation keeps you glued

Human minds are generally fickle and mischievous. They always try to detour to a easier way out and gets easily bored. The best way to handle this is to keep an object or personality in view that acts best to motivate your intentions towards any goal. It might be a dress that you intend to fit in or a particular event you want to go to or even the picture of your role model. Keep it right in front of your eyes in a spot that you can see often. This keeps you motivated towards your goal especially on those days that you feel indulgent and lazy to go through the severity.

2. Eat at fixed timings

By cutting down on food you never can achieve any healthy lifestyle. You end up either with anorexia or a disruptive digestive system. Furthermore, by skipping meals or starving for a while your digestive juices play havoc with your digestive system. Also, with prolonged hours of non-eating your body goes to the hunger mode and there are high chances of whatever you eat later on, getting converted to body fat for future use. Also hunger provokes you to overeat at a later time leading to gaining much more than what you had lost. By starting the day with a good breakfast followed with regular eating at fixed intervals, say every two to three hours of your waking hours, your craving for food does not surface at all, your body metabolism remains high hence, you tend to lose more weight than what you intended.

3. Eat Right, Sleep well

sleepSleep or rest is another key factor to help your body rest well and recuperate from the regular stress levels you push your body through regularly. Moreover, learn the basics of food that you consume. With this new knowledge eat low fat foods high in complex carbohydrates and protein. Avoid all polished or processed food and eat more of natural products. It is best to limit eating in restaurants and parties to one day in a week. Also while eating-out always start with a light water based soup and desserts which are more natural based on fresh fruits and yogurt. Always keep your main course high on protein, less of carbohydrates, low-gravy and high on steamed vegetables. If you have a desire do not throw it off your plan simply because its not healthy. Work on the portion sizes rather than completely staying off it. Use it as a reward for achieving each step of your goal. For example, if you like ice-cream have it in a restricted amount every time you successfully lose 10 lbs of weight. That way you end up being more loyal to your diet plan without feeling left out.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

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