How Families Can Navigate The Affordable Care Act

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flagfamilyThe Affordable Care Act goes into effect in October and many families are unsure of its provisions. One outcome of its passing, according to Anne Edwards, MD, Chair of Pediatrics at Park Nicollet Health Services in Minneapolis, is that it will allow for better heath for children and their families by covering preventive health.

“Many families have postponed inoculations and other preventive measures that can keep their children from getting sick due to cost concerns. But the Affordable Care Act now covers this, leading to healthier families,” said Dr. Edwards, speaking on the popular online talk Show, “Healthy Children,” hosted by Melanie Cole, MS.

Dr. Edwards noted that most families will be able to buy health insurance through each state’s “marketplace,” and any child under 19 cannot be turned down for any reason. She admits that many people will find the new rules confusing, but there are appointed navigators that can help families understand their options, and much information is available online, including the website for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

familyvector“Keep in mind that you can keep your current health plan if you are happy with it. But if you don’t have insurance, the Affordable Care Act will allow you to shop for the coverage you need, matching cost with benefits. Try to find a plan that also covers dental and vision coverage, as well as access to specialists and surgeons,” recommends Dr. Edwards, who added that there are additional provisions for children with special needs.

If you live in a state that opted out of the Affordable Care Act, coverage is still available through the federal government, reminded Dr. Edwards. She also reminds that children 26 and under can still be covered on their parents’ health plan and that the new provisions of the Act does not allow coverage to be dropped if an insured person gets sick.

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