Guest Post – Victoria Marin, Fun Family Fitness

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Make Healthy Lifestyle Part Of Your Daily Family Plan
As a mother of five children, I know how difficult it can be to schedule your daily responsibilities into your day let alone a fitness routine. With childhood obesity on the rise and other health problems such as Diabetes becoming more prevalent, I plan physical activity into our busy days. Extended hours in front of the television and video games have led to sedentary lifestyles for our children. Following, I offer several suggestions on how to keep your family active and fit through fun and energizing activities.

Going for walks. Walking along a shoreline or wooded path provides the perfect backdrop for a family oriented afternoon where the notion of exercise gets lost in the scenery. Pack a healthy lunch to make the outing extra special.

Down by the sea. While a day at the beach or a lake may sound relaxing, the water offers many opportunities for exercising as a family such as swimming and rowing. Plan ahead and bring bikes for the kids. Many locations offer trails for biking and hiking.

Shoot hoops. Basketball is a great sport for the family to play as it requires running, coordination and agility. Invite other families to participate to make the game more challenging.

Dancing. Enroll for lessons at a local dance studio. Not only is dancing great fun but a wonderful form of fitness for the mind, body and soul.

Gardening. For families with younger children, gardening is a creative way to get all members of the family physically active. Purchase plants and gardening tools and plan for the entire family to spend the day beautifying the yard.

Go To The Park. Enjoy a day at the park with a game of catch. Bring a frisbee or a kick ball to add some friendly competition to the afternoon.

5K Run. Train as a family for a local 5K run. Our school principal encourages students to participate by offering a small prize to the student who beats his time.

As a family, discover fun ways to get active.

The goal of exercising as a family does not necessarily conform to the traditional definition of exercise. As a family, discover fun ways to get active. Parents need to engage in regular exercise, not only for their own health, but for the health of their children too. Being that children learn by example, set a good example by showing your children that living a healthy lifestyle is important to their well being.

Victoria Marin is the author of Aiden’s Waltz which is a sublimely reflective tale of a young boy with Autism who journeys to find acceptance and strength within himself. From peering through a frosted window while watching boys and girls playing soccer, Aiden rises from the shackles of Autism as he dances across the ballroom dance floor with the grace and elegance of a swan.