Guest Post – Suzanne Gindi, Is It Safe to Drink Slimming Coffee Products?

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bananaDue to unhealthy eating habits, many people are dealing with weight problems and because of that they are trying to find effective ways on how to lose weight. Maybe you are one of those people and you have tried several weight loss programs but failed to achieve your goals. You might have tried going to the gym and do some workout but it causes you muscle pains that makes you unable to move the following day. You might have tried some diet programs but became unsuccessful because you can’t control your appetite. If you feel that you are running out of options, you don’t have to worry because you still have one option left. You can still lose weight by drinking slimming coffee products.

cupcoffeeAll of slimming coffee brands claim that you will get the perfect body figure that you dream of by drinking their coffee. All you need to do is to buy their coffee, prepare it and drink and there you go you are on your way of losing weight. It may sound very easy but it is not. If you are not careful, your slimming coffee can cause harm rather than good. If this is the case, then you might be wondering whether using slimming coffee products is safe or not.

Drinking slimming coffee products could be beneficial or could be harmful to you depending on the brand that you use. A slimming coffee product is considered safe and effective if it passed a series of laboratory test and examination. If this is the kind of coffee product you are drinking, then you can feel confident that it will bring positive effects to you as long as you follow the detailed instructions provided with the coffee pack. However, even if the slimming coffee is already tested in the laboratory, you still need to figure out how your body reacts when you drink the coffee. Each person reacts differently on a certain coffee product and if you feel that your body is reacting negatively, it is advisable for you to stop drinking it.

medicalSometimes you need to consult the doctor to confirm if it is advisable for you to drink a particular brand of slimming coffee. Some coffee brands contain a chemical substance known as sibutramine. This chemical is known as an effective treatment for obesity but should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor. If you consume this chemical without supervision, you could suffer from side effects such as chest pains, high blood pressure, and getting thirsty all the time. Furthermore it could lead to serious health risk such as stroke and heart attack. For this reason, you should always analyze the chemicals and ingredients used in a slimming coffee product before buying one.

So, going back to the issue whether drinking slimming coffee product is safe or not, the answer is – it depends on you. If you have chosen the right slimming coffee brand, check its chemical ingredients, and consult your doctor before using it then you can have the peace of mind that it is safe to drink.

– Guest author Suzanne Gindi is the owner of – a company that provides quality beauty and slimming products.


  1. Drinking slimming coffee is not best for anyone regardless of the brand that you take. The reason being is because all slimming coffees are made with sibutramine as the main ingredient. Sibutramine is a banned FDA substance that causes heart attack, stroke, dizziness and other harmful effects to the body. Most slimming coffees like Leisure 18 and Body Beauty are actually banned from entering the U.S. territory, but some retailers are still able to import it illegally here in the States. If you decide to drink or take slimming coffee, ask yourself this question first before purchasing it: Is it worth it for me to suffer from a heart attack or stroke later on in life in exchange to losing weight temporarily?

  2. Yes, there is an issue with many slimming products from China. But coffee is actually a great way to ingest & absorb dietary fiber, HCA, L-Carnitine, Ginseng and many other safe & natural food products that help the body regulate sugar metabolism, mediate hunger & promote healthy weight loss.

  3. I just check the FDA website and there is no evidence that coffee and the other ingredients that you’ve mentioned promote weight loss. Can you post a FDA link here that supports your claim?

  4. The FDA does not list any products as approved, that is not their job. The FDA has a mandate to ensure the safety of products but they do not approve supplements for marketing. There are many studies supporting the efficacy of the ingredients that I mentioned for appetite contol, enhanced fat burning & weight loss as well as many other uses.I will be happy to link you to some source material but if you are curious you can just check the ingredients on Wikipedia.

  5. “FDA does not list any products as approved, that is not their job”Do you really know what FDA stands for?”The FDA has a mandate to ensure the safety of products but they do not approve supplements for marketing.” The FDA website actually has a list of the products that are approved for weight loss. In addition, they also have a list of UNAPPROVED weight loss products and they are listed at FYI, Wikipedia is actually the worst source that you can use when it comes to researching something. The reason for that is because most of the contents written there are inaccurate.

  6. Thanks for the great information, I’m sure all of my readers appreciate all of your hard work. I think everyone will benefit from exercising due diligence regarding slimming products.Regarding Wikepedia, it is a valuable source of information when you know how to use it. We look at original studies that are cited not the conclusions in the article.

  7. I will not be able to comment about the good uses of coffee products in maintaining diet, however I use green tea and it has helped me a lot in keeping my weight in control.

  8. I have been using Chinese slimming coffee for 3 days, I have had heart burn thirst and terrible insomnia, I have now stopped, as I just realised the insomnia is a side effect,

  9. i’ve been drinking this coffe called body beauty and it’s for weight losing.. but i’ve notice pain on my upper chess and on other parts of my body.. plus i feel so weak like my body can’t work.. i started school few days ago and i’m working at the same time, i got the coffee the same day i started school and i’m thinking if it’s because i get less hours sleeps or is it actually because of the coffee that i have no power? Or because i lose appetite with it and makes me weak?

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