Guest Post – Murray Grossan, M.D., Whole Body Tinnitus Relief

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humanearToday many of the 50 million persons who have ringing in the ears, are told, ”Just learn to live with it.” That doesn’t work, so they keep searching for relief with the “Miracle Tinnitus Ear Drops” or the “Miracle Tinnitus Pills.”

Ringing in the ears is different than a sprained finger, where a splint and aspirin give relief. You are born with a reflex: when you hear the tiger you get a fight/flee response. You are descended from ancestors that got a quick, strong response when they heard danger. So, if you “hear the danger” you get an outflow of adrenalin with rapid breathing, tight muscles, and anticipation of “being eaten.” You have symptoms because your body identifies the tinnitus as a danger.

Good therapy therefore is to count your breathing: breathe in count four and out count six. This messages your center that there is no danger, and stops the adrenalin.

Good therapy is to look in the mirror and see you face, jaw and shoulders relax.

Good therapy is to look in the mirror and see you face, jaw and shoulders relax. This messages the stress center – no tiger; stop the adrenalin. Tight muscles from the face, the jaw and the neck affect tinnitus. Using the mirror this way aids healing.

In the stress reaction, you imagine the worst outcome. So, recall with all five senses a fun time before you had the tinnitus. Your body will make good chemistry.

dangerA process called cognition is important. When you hear noise outside your bedroom door, you get the fight/flight reaction. When you know that the noise is the family dog scratching to come in, you no longer get the flight reaction. Cognition trains you that the tinnitus is not a danger, a “bad.” The book part of the Whole Body program shows you that the tinnitus is not a danger, a bad thing, it is not a tiger.

Many persons benefit from outside sounds. In a process called masking, you listen to the sound of your actual tinnitus coming from the outside. The brain figures since it from the outside, there is no need to make it on the inside. The tinnitus app part of the program provides masking sounds and programs to best use them

The tinnitus clinics do counseling, where they answer all questions and concerns, and use pictures to illustrate the ear/ringing mechanism.

In the Whole Body Tinnitus Relief program, there is an E book:

Ringing in the Ear (available on Amazon) – Tinnitus Relief that details what tinnitus is, why these therapies work and the actions that reduce the symptoms. Pictures illustrate the ear and the nerves involved. The fancy words are all defined.

Next there is an app:

Ear Ringing Relief.

Here the user is given the ten actions to follow on a daily basis for best results.

The app, Ear Ringing Relief is on iTunes.

With this tinnitus relief program, there will never be any reason to tell the patient, “Just learn to live with it,”

This program is based on my book, Stressed? Anxiety? Your Cure is in the Mirror. Oprah Winfrey has a full time couch and eats right and exercises right. The tinnitus relief program provides a full time coach, your mirror, where you can see if you are doing it right.