Guest Post – Kim Bowman, Buy Local What?

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farmIt’s the newest rage, and for good reason, buy local. Great, we should support our local farmers, ranchers, producers, shops and markets, but, when is it ok to say that not buying local is better than buying local?

A lot of people are in such a rush to support and buy local that they don’t think about what it is they are buying. Let’s take produce for an example. If you have a local farmer that grows nutrient dense, organic foods, then naturally you would want to buy their product before you would buy it from out of your area or even before you would choose to buy conventional that is local!

Reason, if a local farmer is producing nutrient deficient, non-organic foods, then you would be better off buying nutrient dense organic even if it comes from out of your area. Whether it comes from near or far, nutrient dense organic grown foods that are also free of pesticides are going to be healthier for you. It’s great to buy local but not at the cost of your health.

If you can get nutrient dense organic foods at a local farm, then you’re in heaven. Let me tell you we have had the amazing opportunity to locate a local organic farm right in the middle of our city. The produce is amazing; the taste is well worth the trip weekly, not to mention the fresh eggs from free roaming chickens.

farmAnother option is to grow some of your own produce, there are small companies popping up throughout the country that will show you how to set up a small garden and how easy it is to maintain it. Some of your local farms also give classes, the one we found does.

In closing, support local whenever you can as long as it is not at the cost of your health. The more people demand organic, sustainable agriculture, the more farmers and food producers will change to organic.

– Guest Author, Kim Bowman, ‘The Food Investigator’ with ‘What’s In It 4 U?’

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