Guest Post – Kevin Andersen, School Bus Safety

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schoolbusAs the population increased, societies took a more comprehensible form which in turn led to an increase in the demand for various utilities required for a standard existence. An example of such a utility is motor vehicles. Indeed, motor vehicles have facilitated transportation greatly, a fact reiterated every time one glances at the road. Moreover, with the number of automobiles on a rise, the number of accidents has obviously increased. However, the situation becomes grave when school buses are considered. School buses have children in them, which calls for extra attention from people. Often the accidents involving school buses are caused by negligence of either of the one side. People as well as the driver along with children in the bus should be made aware of the various safety rules in order to avoid any unforeseen accident. Moreover, with children involved, things might be a little difficult, but school bus safety needs a more pronounced focus in order to avoid accidents.

childsignThe responsibility of safety while children are on a bus, depends on pedestrians, car drivers, the bus drivers and even the children themselves. To start with children, they should be adequately educated about the school bus safety norms, in a lucid manner so that there is no room for doubt in their minds. They should be informed about simple things like sitting in their seats comfortably without getting out of them constantly. They should be told that by doing so they might fall and thereby hurt themselves. Moreover, once seated they should not talk loudly or shout as this may distract the bus driver. Lastly they should be told to not take their heads or hands out of the windows of the bus, as they may get hurt. Moreover, in case of an emergency they shouldn’t panic and listen to the driver’s instructions. In fact, schools could arrange workshops on school bus safety rules on a regular basis in order to keep children ready.

Often accidents occur when children were found to be way too near the school bus.

Often accidents occur when children were found to be way too near the school bus. This is because when children are too near the school bus, the driver cannot see them. The advisable thing for children to do would be to stay at least ten steps away from the bus or at least at a comfortable distance from the bus, so that the driver can easily see them. When children get out of the bus, they should be taught to be careful about the wheels and any moving automobiles on the road. Children should first make sure that there is no car on the road on which they are getting out of the bus. In case children drop something on the road near the bus, they should first tell the driver to wait and then pick that thing up. This would enable children from getting hurt. If children are informed optimally and timely about school bus safety norms, the chances of children getting hurt in school bus accidents are minimized.

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