GoodZee Spreads Goodness

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socialnetworkThe new meaningful social network, founded on the belief that good actions of individual people deserve recognition and appreciation, can be used by anyone to recognize and reward the good deeds of others. People can post short stories of others’ good deeds, called GoodZees, which are limited to 140 characters each and can include photos and video.

GoodZee is a new social network that illuminates the good actions of individuals in the world by enabling people to post “GoodZees” about their friends’ meaningful actions and contributions. Each GoodZee is a short story or description of up to 140 characters and can include photos and video. The GoodZee stories are permission based and posted to a shareable wall. This new platform provides an overview of a person’s goodness, positive actions and charitable contributions. Like GoodZee on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter at @GetGoodZee, or watch the GoodZee video to learn more at

“What the Internet and ‘selfie’ culture of today lacks is a meaningful social networking platform that inspires, records and rewards all the good in this world,” said GoodZee Founder and CEO Ron Ansani. “Studies show the number-one emotion the existing social networks evoke is envy. We want to change the way social networks are used and provide a platform showing all the good that still exists in the world, while allowing the often unrecognized good people to build a legacy. We are a ‘social goodness network’ striving to generate and spread individual participation in universal kindness,” stated Ansani.

People receive recognition for good deeds through their GoodZees receiving “Likes” and “Vouches” which are then translated into points to receive an overall “Karma Score”. Anyone can reward a GoodZee with real money using “ZeeCash” that users are able to donate to charities. GoodZee also provides users with the ability to add and promote their favorite charities. It features a personal calendar showing charity events and activities they’re currently involved in, allowing others to join or make contributions. GoodZee can be used by any individual, as well as corporations, organizations and charities.

GoodZee users can earn badges based on their Karma Score, such as Karma Champ, Karma Captain and Karma Star. Corporate users will have their own GoodZee pages allowing corporate philanthropic work to be showcased. The GoodZee team plans to launch several additional “Goodness” related features, in the near term.

As Ansani concludes, “Facebook and Instagram gives us pictorial clues into a person’s social life, LinkedIn provides professional experiences and recommendations, Twitter shows a person’s opinions and general up-to-the-minute activities. What these existing social networking platforms don’t do is exactly what GoodZee does – provide information about a person’s character or good deeds, positive contributions and humanity.”

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