Declutter Your Diet

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By Diane Lang

healthychoiceIt’s not the food you eat, it’s the decision you make to eat it. Remember, you always have choices. When going into the kitchen to grab something to eat. Ask yourself:

Am I really Hungry?

Am I eating due to emotional reasons? (Sadness, loneliness, stress, etc.)

Start small and make changes slowly. This will decrease the odds of falling back into old habits. Doing things slowly and taking baby steps will be more realistic.

Start off removing one food/drink at a time – don’t eat that food for 2-3 weeks till your cravings pass before taking out another food or drink.

When making a change to your diet/lifestyle make a list with these two things:

I will remove what food/drink?

I will replace the food/drink with?

This will help you be prepared for the change and keep motivated.

Some foods to remove from your diet and declutter from your kitchen:

* Soda

* White breads/flour/pasta

* Fast food

* Fake sugar

* Sugar laden foods such as fruit juices, granola bars, pop tarts, etc.

* Chips

* Cookies/cake

* High sodium foods

Another great way to declutter your diet is to make small changes such as:

Switch from full fat milk to 1%

Replace fruit juice/soda with water

Replace a full fat product with low fat

Replace white bread/pasta with whole wheat or multi-grain – make sure it’s real

Replace fried foods with baked, grilled, broiled or roasted and remove the skin from poultry.

Bring healthy foods with you instead of stopping for a quick snack at a vending machine.

Replace high sodium foods with low salt

Cook foods with herbs, garlic and spices instead of salt

Some final tips on decluttering your diet

You can replace sugary foods with fruit to help the cravings

Add water to your diet- start your day with a glass of water and have water throughout your day.

Stop eating late night – try to cut off eating after 7 which will help prevent acid reflux, digestion problems and weight gain.

Prepare your meals at home to cook healthy

Make a list when food shopping and keep to it. * Never food shop when hungry!

If you need to have a late night snack – have a cup of herbal tea and/or a small piece of fruit

Keep a food journal – you will be surprised what you food intake really looks like.

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