Create A Meditation Room For Your Kids

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By Marcela De Vivo

kidsFor those with stressful jobs and a demanding list of daily activities, meditation and relaxation can be an important part of a daily routine. However, meditation isn’t just helpful to adults; it can also be extremely beneficial to kids as well. If you have a child who is taking an interest in your yoga and meditation, a good way to encourage their involvement would be to build them their very own meditation room.

Assuming you have the space to allocate for something like this, it would be ideal if your child had a room of their own, styled and constructed with their personality in mind. This can be quite encouraging to a child who is in the process of growing up and taking an interest in what their parents are involved in.

If you believe that regularly meditating is a crucial part of that process, then you should definitely take the opportunity to encourage them in it, in any way you can.

Setting up a yoga or meditation room is a great way to get your kids more involved, and it isn’t terribly difficult. It will just involve a little kid-friendly creativity on your part.

1. Water wall. Now, we’re not saying to purchase the largest water wall you can find. After all, this is for your children’s meditation room. A small water wall or bubbling fountain will be the perfect touch.

Both hearing the sound of running water and seeing it has an extremely relaxing effect, and it will help your child to settle down get quiet enough to actually meditate.

2. Kid friendly decor. You don’t want the room to be distracting to your child, but you should strive to fill the room with kid-friendly decor, including pictures, colors and furniture that are all geared towards your child’s age range.

As your child grows and continues to use the room, you can update it over time with age-appropriate items so that your child doesn’t feel like they’ve outgrown their meditation room.

3. Bean bags. Bean bags are both comfy, relaxing and ideal for a kid’s meditation room. This gives them a comfortable place to sit while they meditate, as opposed to using the floor. Getting a young kid to focus for a long period of time is nearly impossible if they’re not comfortable, so make sure that if you are going to go through the trouble of creating a room specifically so they can focus, be sure that it’s accommodating and comfy for them.

4. Colorful yoga mats. If your children are old enough (around 10 to 12 years of age), you might want to opt for yoga mats instead of bean bags. You will want these yoga mats to be colorful or just allow your child to choose their very own design and color.

Helping a Child Focus

If there’s one thing that kids do not have the patience for, it’s the ability to focus. Their attention spans are short and their interest ebbs and flows like the waves of the sea; however keep in mind that all this should be predicated on your child’s initial interest in yoga and meditation– you want to facilitate that interest and not force it on them.

By designing a meditation room that is tailored to your children’s personality, you’ll have an easier time incorporating meditation and yoga into their daily routine, helping to improve their focus and concentration.

– Marcela De Vivo is a writer for Soothing Walls, mother and yoga enthusiast in the Los Angeles area. She and her children love practicing yoga each day in their special meditation room, which is complete with bean bags, a water wall and yoga mats!

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  1. Yeah. Kids should be encouraged more and more to do meditation and yoga. It effects a lot to overcome their daily routine’s stress.

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