Can Insomnia Be Cured? Putting An End To Sleeplessness

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By Ethan Chong

SleepingWomanCan insomnia be cured? Many people struggle at night tossing and turning until their alarm goes off in the morning. When a person finally wakes up, they feel tired and unable to take on the day without feeling exhausted. This sleeplessness leads to less productivity and can cause adverse side effects as well. A person simply needs to get a good night’s rest to be ready to take on the day. While there are several remedies of insomnia, the right remedy will be dependent on the root cause of the problem.

Common Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is on the rise and it is no coincidence with the amount of technology at a person’s disposal. While insomnia can be linked to a medical issue, many people are now suffering with sleeplessness because of our technology driven world. Televisions, cell phones, tablets and computers are running around the clock. A person that cannot sleep often finds themselves watching television or checking their text messages on their phone. However, this is not the only cause of insomnia. The following are common amongst those suffering with the condition:

• Stress, depression and traumatic experiences

• Asthma, cancer, various diseases and medications

• Sleep apnea and various other sleep disorders

sleepRemedies of Insomnia

The question of “can insomnia be cured?” is truly dependent on the root cause of the problem. The following can be done to finally achieve a good night’s sleep:

• Those suffering from depression or other psychological problems will want to seek professional help. Oftentimes, medication can be prescribed so that a person can finally get a good night’s sleep.

• Medical-related causes, such as asthma or medications, will also need medical advice. Medications can be changed and conditions can be dealt with so that sleeping is never an issue. This is the same for sleep disorders that may require medical attention, such as sleep apnea.

• Exercising not only keeps a person’s body in shape, but it will result in a better night of sleep. Engaging in exercise may allow you to sleep better at night and put a halt to tossing and turning.

• Dark rooms that are quiet produce the best sleeping environment. Shut off all unnecessary electronics and buy blackout curtains. This will remove distractions and keep the room dark and quiet.

• Caffeine consumption may lead to a difficult time sleeping. Stopping any caffeine consumption before 4 pm is typically a wise choice and will lead to a better sleep.

• Scheduled sleep cycles are best. Instead of taking an afternoon nap, stay awake and enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Unless a person has a medical issue, they will be able to cure insomnia naturally. All too often, we let stress get in the way of sleeping. Unwind, relax and put the day’s troubles behind you. If pain or medications simply will not allow you to get a decent night’s sleep, it is time to consult a doctor. There are medications which will allow a person to be able to sleep soundly at night and not have to struggle through the day.

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