Body Posture And Eye Care Tips While Using A Computer

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By Margaret Jules

deskIn today’s world, nearly 97% people in the world use computer. But most of them do not follow the guidelines about using the computer. Especially there are a lot of stress in eyes and the back of he body, so some guidelines should be followed:

1. Adjusting the Chair on which you sit: The chair plays a vital role while using the computer as you sit on it. If the chair is arranged properly and it provides comfort to the user, then we say that the chair is adjusted decently. The chair should be adjusted in such a way that the user’s feet and back are pressed strongly by the earth and the user can seat backwards. 95 to 120 degrees must be the angle maintained by the backrest.

2. Position of Keyboard: Keyboard must be placed in a manner which is comfortable for the user to operate easily. The user should seat to the nearest distance keeping their shoulders loose and elbows shortly opened. The user should set the tilt according to his/her height and comfort.

3. Eye Care: CVS is ranking at the topmost disease caused due to long hours of computer usage. eyeThis disease is caused most in offices. So, it should be taken care of otherwise it can cause a long sight problem or even blindness as it causes irritation in eyes. Regular check ups and protection should be done to maintain the normal sight pf humans.

4. Eye Care Accessories: The antiglare screen is the most preferable screen which helps the eyes from the light emitted by the monitor. Focus Dailies Toric Lenses is another mode of protection for a long term visibility.

5. Frequently Blinking: Normally, people do not blink while working on computers for a long time. But this is not a good sign. You should blink every alternate minute to increase visibility. on the interval of half an hour, you should blink minimum of 10 times. This helps in wetting your eyes and in avoiding moisture in your eyes.

6. Screen Break: There should be a relaxation time for your eyes from the computer which increases your eyes longevity. After an hour or so, you should relax your eyes for a minute or two. It also enhances your capacity of doing mistakes after continuous working for an hour or two. This should be practiced on a regular basis at your night workout.

7. Office Exercises: This is an important exercise as most eye diseases occur in offices. There should be relaxation intervals after working an hour or so in offices. At that time, you need to relax your legs, shoulders and close your eyes for a minute. You should keep yourselves away from the screens.

8. Placement of monitors: The monitors should be placed straight of your eyes reducing the neck pain and increasing comfort to your eyes. It should be resided between 10-30 inches away from your sight. Eyestrain is caused when a large amount of bright light enters from outside or inside.

There are a lot of ways by which you can relax your eyes following them and improve your eye sight for long time sake. So follow all the above guidelines and improve your longevity of eyes.

– Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and traveling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day a Cadillac Escalade SUV