Automated Lap Counter For Mileage Club And School Walk-A-Thons With Tablet Control

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kidsunningtogetherSchool Mileage Programs and Walk-A-Thon fund raisers just got easier with new Tablets and hands free RFID technology. Using state of the art technology that allows communication via Wi-Fi and cellular, Orbiter Lap Counter / Timer is easy to use. No wires or cables and 3 minute set up.

New embellishments include:

Tablet Operation: Allows Teachers to easily command their class and see real time results on the tablet. Easy to move around on the playground and provide immediate feedback to

Teacher Tag with no batteries: Allows remote control of mileage programs so that students may trade tags between class periods, and individual student effort still tracked. This allows
economy and ease of operation as the entire school does not need a tracking tag for each student.

Optional: Dual Cellular and Wi-Fi Modem Operation, . Other modems required either Wi-Fi
to operate or the cellular modem but not both. Orbiter’s unique modem allows posting of immediate results to cell phones, and the Teacher control tablet. Family and friends now can enjoy seeing immediate results and encourage student progress.

Back Ground: Orbiter is an RFID company that started business in 2006. It is comprised
hardware and software engineers with RFID experience since the mid 90’s. They have produced easy to use software that is specifically designed for physical education teachers. Orbiter is now on version 4. Orbiter partners with Zebra and Motorola. By tracking students rather than RFID tags, lost tags are easily replaced and continuity of past effort retained. The Orbiter system has been tested and used on playgrounds for many years. Tablet operation, Teacher Tag, and dual modems are new for 2015.

Orbiter will be shown at the SHAPE Seattle Convention, at the Washington Athletic Club,
1325 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101 (2 ½ city blocks from the SHAPE Convention Center) between March 17 – 21. Call 866-938-3587 for more information.