Article On Chronic Pain After Hernia Repair

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informationredThe hernia expert explains that, while the recent article outlines clinical solutions that have worked in certain cases, more must be done to develop new treatments for all patients suffering from post-surgical complications.

According to an article published July 9 by General Surgery News, much of the discussion that took place at the recent World Hernia Conference in Milan was centered around the issue of chronic pain in patients who have had an inguinal hernia repair. The article notes that there is no clear trend that points to a single method of hernia repair that would lead to a decrease in long-term chronic pain. While many specific studies and anecdotal pieces of evidence were presented at the conference , hernia specialist Dr. Shirin Towfigh of the Beverly Hills Hernia Center reminds that more research still needs to be done, particularly in the area of new hernia mesh solutions, in order to minimize hernia repair problems such as chronic pain or bleeding after hernia repair surgery.

Dr. Towfigh notes that part of the difficulty in determining which methods are more effective is due to the fact that different methods of repair are better suited to different patients. She specifically highlights the section in the article that discusses the need to identify which patient types would be more susceptible to mesh related complications. It is this two pronged approach of detecting which patient types will respond poorly to mesh, in addition to developing new mesh technologies, that is likely to best minimize future complications, she says.

The article highlights a case of a surgeon who specialized in the explanation of hernia mesh for patients whose mesh was causing them chronic pain after their surgery. Overall, patients experienced a decrease in chronic pain after mesh explanation, but still around one third of those patients only experienced minor relief or no relief at all.

Dr. Towfigh explains that she is currently working on a clinical trial with a new mesh technology which is completely resorbable, meaning that it is designed to safely break down and be absorbed into the body after its purpose is served. If successful, this new type of mesh has the potential to provide the same effect as a mesh explanation, but without the need for an additional surgery that could risk further complications.

As an expert surgeon and diagnostician of hernias in men and women, Dr. Shirin Towfigh aims to continually educate her patients and peers about new advances and methods in the treatment of hernias in all types of patients. Female hernia sufferers in particular know Dr. Towfigh as a top choice for whatever degree of hernia treatment they may need. Anyone interested in scheduling a consultation with Dr. Towfigh at the Beverly Hills Hernia Center can call them at 310-693-6096 or visit them online at