Americans Low In Vitamin E

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didyouknow?Royal River Natural Foods, a locally-owned independent natural health store in Freeport, Maine, reports a new study that found people of all ages are low in vitamin E, and particularly those 20 to 30 years old. Vitamin E may extend life, aid the brain, and help ensure healthy reproduction.

The report is part of the January 2016, issue of “Natural Insights for Well Being®”, which Royal River Natural Foods publishes free each month to help inform the Freeport community of the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition. Also in the January issue, college students with depression saw symptoms subside after taking omega-3 fish oil capsules for three weeks and postmenopausal women who continued taking vitamin D after stopping hormone replacement therapy were 26 percent less likely to develop breast cancer compared to women who stopped taking or who had never taken vitamin D, among other important findings.

“The findings this month are important for young adults looking to start a family, for students who want to do well in school, or women who want to reduce chances of breast cancer,” said Becky Foster, supplement manager. “New findings this month include studies from scientific journals such as the ‘Journal of the Public Library of Science – One,’ the ‘Journal of Nutrition,’ and the ‘Journal of Applied Physiology,’ among others.”

“Natural Insights for Well Being®” is free, and Royal River Natural Foods invites all those who wish to gain more valuable nutrition knowledge to stop in and pick up the January issue and meet the friendly, knowledgeable staff.

About the company:
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