5 Effective Exercises To Get Flat Belly

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By Kathy Mitchell

exerciseballBenefits of Exercise:

If you want to live a long life with health and fit body, you need to take out 30 minutes from your busy daily schedule and dedicate it to exercise. Make in your mind that exercise is the king and diet is the queen of your healthy living. You have to do exercises, if you want to live a healthy life.

Someone has rightly said that it is better to dig the well before you are thirsty. So you have to do your exercise from the beginning, not when your morale is defeated by diseases. Thus here we suggest you 5 effective exercises to get a flat belly and to live long and healthy.

5 Effective Exercises to get Flat Belly:

You may be familiar with these 5 effective exercises to get a flat belly, if not, just read it. You will know how effective these exercise are and how you would do these exercises.

1. The Stomach Vacuum Exercises

Why it’s Effective: Stomach vacuum needs to blow out air from your lungs and suck in your stomach. It will make your belly go inside by reducing the excess fat. This exercise works on your internal abs.

How to do the Vacuum Exercise:

– You need to keep your knees and hands on the floor, so that your back stays curved. This can also be done in standing position with your hands on a table.

– Start blowing out air from your lungs.

– Then suck your belly in.

– Hold your air for about 10 seconds

– Release the air out.

– Breathe again, before repeating it.

– Start repeating it.

2. Power Plank:

Why it’s Effective: Power Plank is the most incredible fitness exercise that gives you a well-toned & sculpted stomach and abs.

How to do the Power Plank:

– You have to lie face down.

– Then extend your legs.

– Maintain your body position with the help of your forearms.

– Then maintain your toe position, so that you are slightly raised above the ground.

– Hold this position for 10 seconds.

– Continue it and manage it to hold about 1 minute.

womantwisting3. Seated Crossover:

Why it’s Effective: Seated crossover exercises help to build strong muscles. It makes you abs to go inside and give you flat belly.

How to do the Seated Crossover:

– Take a chair and sit in straight position.

– Your position should be such that your back is straight, arms down straight and elbows bent at an angle of 90-degree.

– Then bring your right elbow close to your left knee making them contact each other.

– Repeat this process for the next set of elbow and knee.

– Do it for 10 minutes. Then continue it for the more duration.

4. Side Plank

Why it works: This exercise is more difficult than its counterpart power plank. This needs you to get stable on two points instead of four. This has the same benefit as that of power plank.

How to do it Side Plank:

– You have to lie on your left side.

– Position should be your elbow directly beneath your shoulder and legs stacked

– Then move your right hand on your left shoulder.

– Try to balance it for 10-20 Seconds.

– Repeat it and try to add more time duration to this position.

5. The Bicycle Exercise:

Why it’s Effective: This bicycle exercise helps to tone your stomach and legs. If you continue doing it you can easily tone your lower body portion.

How to do the Bicycle Exercise:

– You have to first lie down in straight position.

– Then your hands should be behind your head.

– Then try to bring the knees close to your chest.

– Then lift yourself without pulling on the neck.

– Then switch your side and do the vice-versa workout, i.e. bring left elbow towards the right knee, same for your right elbow towards the left knee

– Repeat this motion for 1-3 sets.


After reading these 5 effective exercises to get a fat belly, you must start doing it. It can lead to pain in the beginning of exercise, then you get habitual to these 5 effective exercises to get fat belly. Along with these exercises you can go for 30 minute morning walk, you will burn fat and will breathe fresh air.

– Kathy Mitchell is an American content writer and MA in English literature. She is writing articles on weight loss tips and cellulite creams. She is contributing to ConsumerHealthDigest.com from 2011.