5 Easy Healthy Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

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partycelebrateWithout a doubt, one of the best parts about May is Cinco de Mayo. This annual celebration is full of fun in the sun, getting together with family and friends, and quite possibly the best part, the food. Traditionally when dieting Mexican food is hands off or reserved for a cheat meal. However, if you make smarter choices with your ingredients, you can bring Mexican dishes into your everyday diet.

Throw a little (or big) fiesta this Cinco de Mayo using these five much healthier, easy recipes:

* Smokey Snapper with Avocado Verde Sauce: This will be your new favorite Mexican dish. The combination of cumin, paprika and chili powder bring out the flavor of the snapper, making this protein packed meal super healthy and ultra delicious.

* Guacamole Light: The standard guacamole isn’t unhealthy by any means. It provides a healthy dose of fats and vitamins. However, it does pack a hefty calorie punch. Because this version is a little lighter, you don’t have to be limited to a small portion size.

* Steak Tacos: With just a few adjustments, you can have some delicious and satisfying steak tacos without the side dish of guilt. Skip the sour cream, lighten the cheese and swap out the traditional tortillas for a much healthier version.

Shredded Chicken Enchiladas: For the most part, enchiladas are completely off the menu if you’re trying to eat healthy. Usually this meal is smothered with grease and cheese. But not this version, it’s got the right balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats.

Beef Fajitas: Traditionally fajitas are dripping with fat, but not this version. By using unexpected ingredients like soy sauce, honey and chicken broth, you can turn this unhealthy meal into one that your waistline will thank you for.

Now that you’re armed with amazing Cinco de Mayo recipes you’ll be able to de-light your guests with these fun and easy crowd pleasing dishes.

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– Submitted by Allison Kim, PR and Print Manager, Bodybuilding.com