5 Brand Building PR Tips

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Tell your story concisely, consistently, interestingly

socialnetworkTo gain market position, start-ups and medium-sized companies should be aggressive in building brand awareness programs by using news stories to gain media coverage, said Brian Dobson of DobsonPR.com in announcing 5 Brand Building PR Tips.

“How your brand or service is perceived is how it will be defined,” said Dobson. “Crystallize words into sound bites and don’t use a paragraph when a sentence will suffice,” said the brand marketing expert. Dobson, a public relations expert and former journalist at two world acclaimed media companies, Dow Jones and Reuters, said, “Small businesses should tell their stories in a news format, not overburdened with self-serving platitudes. Stick to the facts about your products and services.”

Dobson, who also headed PR at two public major consumer products companies before forming DobsonPR.com, added, “Effective message delivery has to appeal to tough-minded editors and producers, who discard self-serving stories. It takes years to build a brand, but poor continuity and lack of consistent messages can halt or impede that progress. That applies to traditional media of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, as well as social media, where spontaneity and immediacy of comment can backfire when moving messages.”

Online at DobsonPR.com, Dobson Communications was founded by Brian Dobson, an expert in brand building and crisis PR, oftentimes Dobson is quoted in media, including CNN, NY Daily News, Adweek, Washington Times and a host of others on PR and crisis communications topics.

Brian Dobson of DobsonPR.com announced 5 Brand Building PR Tips to help small businesses gain media attention:

1. Be concise in positioning your story without jargon.

2. Start local with media to work out best messaging before going story regional or national.

3. Limit your messages to two or three, consistently reported with new angles.

4. Use video to build brand and services in expert way to maximize social media impact, such as provided by JHD-Dobson.

5. Sound bites work; structure a sentence that tells your story succinctly not in a wordy way.

“At DobsonPR.com, we have helped companies tell their stories on major outlets from the Today Show to Huckabee and Fox News to the New York Times, Chicago Tribunes, Los Angeles Times, Oprah Magazine and hundreds of major internet sites, radio shows and other media. Each of those outlets required a unique approach but each has carried consistent stories,” said Dobson.

Online at DobsonPR.com, Dobson Communications has offices in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and New York City. DobsonPR has conducted a variety of successful brand building PR campaigns for clients ranging from international leaders to local companies in sectors from consumer products to services in categories from toys and food to biometrics, licensing and from soap and nutritional to high tech. For information contact Barbara Dobson at BD(at)DobsonPR(dot)com.