3 Major Health Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water We All Must Know

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waterMore than 70% of human body consists of water. As we grow old, the water content in our body decreases as evidenced by the loss of glow and aging look. Many cosmetics and artificial diets claim to reverse the aging process and give us back the shine of our face, but these products have proven to be unsuccessful. What we actually need is to change our eating and drinking habits by reducing acid producing foods and drinking plenty of alkaline water. As water is the basic need of our body, drinking alkaline water gives us miraculous benefits by maintaining acid-base balance in blood and tissues.

Alkaline water is not a blessing, we are gifted recently. The history of alkaline water begins during 1950s in Japan, since then millions of people have chosen to drink alkaline water for better health and longevity.

Today we’ll talk about three major health benefits, which make alkaline water an essential drink of our daily life:

Maintains Proper Body PH:

A healthy body must have neutral PH of 7, balance of acidity and alkalinity, but our modern dietary habits and eating lifestyles shift it to more acidic level of 6 or even lower making our body susceptible to numerous diseases. Alkaline water saves us by restoring the PH balance. The chemical properties of alkaline water break down acidic compounds to small clusters, which our body easily absorbs.

Keeps Kidneys Healthy:

The alkaline water keeps the kidneys healthy. Healthy kidneys are the key to proper hydration, good blood pressure, and cleansing of wastes from the body. The formation of stones affects the performance of this vital body part. The crystallization of calcium oxalate and urine acid present in our body causes the development of kidney stones. The alkalinity of ionized water doesn’t allow crystallization, enabling human body to detoxify our inner environment, which saves us from kidney stone problem.

Prevents Cancer Development:

The ion water benefits the body with its antioxidant properties by preventing and reducing body weight and fats. By having bawellwaterionizers, you make alkaline water a permanent part of your diet, which will gradually improve the functioning of pancreas, meaning better glucose control and insulin production. The antioxidant drink decreases and prevents oxidation of LDL – harmful – cholesterol. Once oxidized, cholesterol turns into free radicals, which causes inflammation and increases the risk of cancer. Alkaline water, a great antioxidant, eliminates free radicals in our blood, making it impossible for cancer to thrive.

Final Thoughts:

The alkalinity of ionized water helps our body to properly maintain body PH. Water has the biggest share in each cell of our body. Human body system performs well as long as the PH of body fluids is alkaline, i.e. between 7.35 and 7.45. Our modern diets, like dairy products, sugar and red meat, are metabolized to acid. The alkalinity of ionized water retains body PH to its ideal state, which prevents us from several chronic diseases, like cancer, heart disease and weight gain.

– Submitted by Muddassir Hosein