12 Fun Facts About Dentistry

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By Dr. A. Fakhimi

malesmileDid you know that every person has a unique set of teeth that is all their own, just like a fingerprint? Tongue prints are also unique for every individual, even among identical twins. However, that is only one of several awesome facts you should know about the field of cosmetic dentistry. Whether you are curious about the history of dental tools or cosmetic dentistry procedures, dentistry has a well established past that shows the value of its importance for healthcare. Check out a dozen of the most interesting facts about the dental industry.

History of Dental Tools

• In 1498 the Chinese began to manufacturer toothbrushes containing bristles. These bristles came from the bristles of horses, hogs and badgers. However, it wasn’t until 1938 that the first toothbrush was made commercially and distributed to toothy individuals worldwide.

• The first mouth rinse was most likely concocted by the ancient Gauls during Roman days. They are documented to have swished urine around in their mouth rinse as a tooth whitener.

• In 373 A.D. the first toothpaste formula was created. It was discovered etched into a dusty sheet of papyrus that was hidden in a Viennese museum basement. However, it took Colgate until 1873 to create commercialized toothpaste.

• Prior to commercially prepared toothpaste, people took rough items, such as burnt cow hooves or crushed eggshell, and used these as abrasives to clean teeth.

• The earliest toothbrushes were individual’s fingers or twigs from plants, such as Neem twigs that have high antibacterial properties.

Off-the-Wall Tidbits

• Certain foods help you to keep your pearly whites up to par. For example, eating a nibble of cheese, particularly hard cheeses including aged cheddar, after a meal will help clean your choppers.

• The cap on your toothpaste tube harbors all sorts of harmful bacteria. It’s best to leave the toothpaste cap off between brushings.

• A dentist named Dr. Alfred Southwick invented the electric chair.

Famous Faces of Dentistry

• That famous Brit who yelled the most famous words of the American Revolution, Paul Revere, was a dentist, as well as a copper plate engraver and silversmith.

• In one of the most famous portraits of American artists, a dentist is portrayed as a farmer holding a pitchfork. This painting, by Grant Wood, is titled “American Gothic.”

• The first woman to graduate from professional dentistry school was Lucy Hobbs Taylor. In 1866 she received a degree as Doctor of Dental Surgery.

• Zane Grey, best known for writing westerns with titles including “Riders of the Purple Sage” and “The Heritage of the Desert,” got his professional start as a dentist.

Visiting your dentist on a regular basis can ensure that you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. By going on a regular dental schedule, you can prevent many dental issues, such as tooth decay and plaque buildup. Save money in the long term by maintaining regular dental checkups, and you’ll appreciate the peace of mind afforded to you by your dentist.

– Dr. Fakhimi specializes in cosmetic dentistry procedures in San Diego, California. He graduated From University of Nevada with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and attended one of the top ranked dental schools in the country, Tufts University of Dental Medicine in Boston where he excelled in his class and received his Doctorate degree in 1997.