10 Symptoms Women Should Not Ignore

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Submitted by Angela Zito Crawford

Spectrum Health Regional Cancer Center

womanarmupWho knew that switching to stretchy pants or having a tight shoe could signal serious health problems? Don’t assume these issues will just go away. Your life could depend on it. Life is a balancing act for many women today. Between an active family, aging parents and a demanding job, they hardly have time for themselves. So it’s easy to brush off symptoms such as weight loss, fatigue or irregular bleeding.

Symptoms often evolve gradually, so they are easy to discount. But many can be signs of the most common gynecologic cancers: endometrial, cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar.

Below are 10 symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored. Having these symptoms doesn’t mean you need to panic, but it does mean you should check it out. If you see yourself on this list, call your gynecologist or primary care doctor.

1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge

2. Unexplained weight loss

3. Can’t stay away from the bathroom

4. A bloated belly or pain in your pelvis or abdomen

5. Constant fatigue

6. Swollen leg

7. No appetite or a feeling of being full

8. Feeling queasy, having nausea or fighting indigestion

9. Vulva problems including color changes, itching or burning

10. Pain in the pelvis, abdomen or back