Author Interview – Vivianne Knebel

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vivianneknebelAn interview with Author Vivianne Knebel….

Why did you get into writing books?

Writing enables me to give people the tools to enrich their lives with meaning and purpose. I consider it my gift back to society.

My books are full of important teachings to work hard, better yourself, and find the good in adverse situations.

My first book was my memoir “From Rubble To Champagne” I had a unique life and love story that I felt needed to be told. I am a student of life. For many years I have studied the wisdom of great minds and applied their teachings to my life experiences.

My second book ” Lessons Learned About Life And Love ” was written to empower others to improve their lives with meaning and fulfillment.

What advice can you give young authors?

My advice to young authors is to be transparent. Connect with the reader. Don’t cheat the reader!

What is your book about and what inspired you to write it?

My upcoming book is about the aging process. How to age well instead of simply growing old.

I stress the importance of maintaining a healthy body and not neglecting further development of the mind.

In my book, I share what I have learned about the beauty, richness, and possibilities of aging.

I just turned 80 and I feel my life is just beginning.

Aging is about wisdom and strength.

At age 76 I published my first book and there is no stopping me. As we age there is an emerging energy to do something that we have not done before.

Link where your book can be purchased.

Amazon author page….click here