5 Enjoyable Ways To Gain More Energy

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healthyheartIn our busy world, an extra boost of energy never hurts. This is especially true for the 10-15% of people who say they regularly feel run down. Usually it isn’t a singular issue that leads to exhaustion but rather several overlapping habits that are keeping your body from fully recovering from daily activity.

If you are trying to lose weight the healthy way, energy is important for both your willpower and wellbeing. Making a few enjoyable adjustments could be all you need to power through the day.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast really is the most important meal because it revs up our engines, helps us fill up with fuel and keeps blood sugar levels in check. The latter point is much more important than many people realize. When you forgo breakfast you’re much more likely to experience spikes and drastic drops in blood sugar throughout the entire day. Spikes in blood sugar are met with a rush of insulin to control it, and this can cause your energy levels to crash.

A protein packed breakfast is the easiest way to keep blood sugar levels regulated. Follow it up with several small meals and snacks to feel energized all day.

Get Deep Sleep

Sleep is needed for the body to recharge. If you aren’t getting enough in general that’s a problem, but if your sleep is regularly interrupted that can also lower your energy levels. There are four stages of sleep that are cyclical. Deep sleep happens in the last two stages of sleeping, and it’s the most effective at warding off sleep drive during the day. It’s important to go through these stages multiple times in a night because the most impactful deep sleep happens within the first two cycles. If you are constantly waking up you may not be getting enough deep sleep even if you hit the sheets for 7-8 hours a night.

Guzzle Water

waterbottleDehydration is an instant energy zapper. Even mild dehydration will have you dragging your feet no matter how much you exercise. On top of that dehydration will also inhibit your ability to think clearly and affects your mood. How do you know you’re mildly dehydrated? If you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated. You don’t necessarily have to drink eight glasses of water a day, but it is important to hydrate every few hours.

Get Out in the Sun

Artificial, fluorescent lighting could be draining your energy. Employers are paying attention to new studies that show artificial lighting can negatively affect productivity. A Swiss neurologist found that natural light has the opposite affect. Study participants that spent time out in the sunlight were more alert and less likely to feel sleepy in the late afternoon and early evening.

Meditate Each Morning

A little bit of relaxing me time never hurt anyone, and it can have a positive affect on your energy levels. Starting your day with just 5-10 minutes of meditation has many health benefits, including increased energy levels. The main reason meditation is so great at upping energy levels is because you’re more focused on breathing deeply. When you take shallow breaths you aren’t getting enough oxygen in your body. Deep breaths will flood the body with oxygen helping cells repair themselves, lowering the heart rate and increasing blood circulation – all of which can help you increase your energy.

These are just five easy ways you can start feeling more energized instantly. Tonight get a good night’s sleep, then tomorrow wake up and have a healthy breakfast after meditating for a few minutes. At work keep a bottle of water at your desk as a reminder to drink up, and take it with you on a short afternoon walk outside. You’ll be amazed at how much more energized you feel throughout the day.

Facts About Muscle Gain And Weight Loss – Part 2

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By Johnny Hart

Continued from part 1 of this article…..

saladplate9. Eat 5-6 small meals/snacks during the day. The simplest way to accomplish this would be to eat a moderate breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a compact snack between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, after which a compact snack in the evening. You should condition your system to enjoy every 3 to three 1/couple of hours. You should not restrict calories a lot of, this can decrease metabolic process and absolutely stop progress dead in the tracks.

10. You should develop a synergy between proper nutrition, moderate aerobics, and intense, brief weight-training. The resolution to weight-loss lie within almost all these. That is why diets, Dieters, Jenny Craig, as well as other programs will not be long-term successful. Several of such elements is missing.

11. Small, steady steps will bring about progression, that may bring about results, that will increase motivation, that could again increase results, which often will bring about long-term change.

12. For the very best results with muscle building and fat-loss, five days weekly, thirty minutes a day is most appropriate. A lot more than five days so you risk overtraining. Below five days and you might avoid seeing optimal muscle development results.

13. You need to incorporate resistance weight-training into your unwanted weight-loss efforts. Fat is metabolized by muscle, muscle literally will use-up more calories simply to maintain itself. Increased lean body mass helps your whole body to hurry up its metabolism (again, increased metabolism being the main element to weight-loss.

14. An excessive amount aerobic activity are going to be counterproductive on your muscle mass building efforts. 2-three days per week, 20-a half-hour each session is optimal. Again, more just isn’t better, better is more preferable.

15. Diets fail to work, so never try and diet. Diets certainly are a flawed method which create to much pain (pain/pleasure-unpleasure principle). You’ll be able to diet for just a shorter time, even so the real and mental cravings come, leading someone to binge and eat a lot more than you should have.

16. Select one day every week and cheat. Eat anything you like, and that i mean anything, but merely turn it into a moderate amount. Then be strict with the other 6 days weekly.

17. At last, one of the most effective and easy way to gain muscle and loss weight is by using different kinds of supplements available in markets. Supplements like Clenbuterol and Sustanon help effectively in gaining muscle and losing weight properly.

– Johnny Hart is a professional health blogger. He started his proficiency by practicing on his self. He has written extensively in the areas of fitness, health and get ideas on weight loss by use of clenbuterol, diet tips, muscle mass and much more! He would like to go out at beach and fond of traveling, sports etc.

Facts About Muscle Gain And Weight Loss – Part 1

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By Johnny Hart

weightlossballtextThe concept of you exploring gym, busting your buttocks off sculpting a fresh body, and learn that have you been working your system of burning fat.So I have discovered lots of muscle mass building facts and fitness observations.I need to to express one of the most important ones along with you, in this post.

1. To be able to follow your fitness routine with the long haul, you have to identify the “why” behind what you are doing. Uncover, specifically, what you wish to switch and the reasons you would like to change. Take advantage of this being your thrust.

2. You will must associate pleasure with all your anaerobic exercise routine and pain without requiring investing your fitness routine. Humans naturally do stuff are pleasurable and get away from issues that create pain.

3. We have been after long-term, permanent results, so there won’t be any quick fixes and gimmicks. We will develop a life-style change which will be simple settle for. No calorie counting or points, simply make better choices and healthier, moderate portions.

4. Always think quality over quantity. Therefore more exercising is not better on the subject of muscle development, better is way better. The majority of people I are exposed to work excessive and eat weak hands.

5. The important thing to permanent fat-loss is usually to speed your metabolism. Once this is achieved, weight-loss becomes permanent.

6. The main technique of altering your body needs time to work. Dedicate yourself to a minimum of 90 days to literally transform one’s body. Chances are you’ll see some results until then, but ninety days really you will need to view achievement.

7. Through the first couple of weeks of an anaerobic exercise program, you’ll recognize that your scale weight either doesn’t change or it could range in price up a tad.
Toss the scale out your window, doesn’t necessarily separate fat and muscle, then when you first of all obtain a dose of muscle from the beginning, the size weight is going up. Which is a a valuable thing. With time the dimensions weight Lowers.

8. You will need to eat often and moderate comes down to increase your metabolism. When you eat often, your whole body utilizes and in time breaks down the food often, bringing about less stored unwanted fat.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

– Johnny Hart is a professional health blogger. He started his proficiency by practicing on his self. He has written extensively in the areas of fitness, health and get ideas on weight loss by use of clenbuterol, diet tips, muscle mass and much more! He would like to go out at beach and fond of traveling, sports etc.

Gain Your Confidence Back By Eliminating Ringworm Spots

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By Evelyn Kelly

spiceRingworm is no worm but a fungal infection that affects the skin at various places like scalp, nails, arms, legs, back and the groin area. Different types of ringworm affect different parts of the body. Since, it is highly contagious, immediate attention is required. The spots formed as a result of ringworm are embarrassing. Luckily, they can be cured at home with some simple yet effective methods.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a powerful natural fungicide. Take 100% tea tree oil.


• Clean the area

• Apply the oil directly with the help of a cotton ball

• Repeat it 2-3 times in a day

With regular application, the spots may take a minimum of two weeks to clear off.
Warning: Some people are allergic to tea tree oil. They should dilute the oil before applying on the spots.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has anti-fungal properties which makes it an excellent treatment.


• Soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar

• Smear the infected part of the skin with this cotton ball

• Repeat it 4-5 times in a day

Stinging sensation is normal. Dilute the oil to reduce the affect if you experience a strong sensation.

Aloe Vera

The gel contained in the leaves soothes the itching and irritation caused by the fungus besides preventing ringworm spots.


• Cut the fleshy leaf

• Take out the gel

• Apply the gel directly on the affected part of the skin

• Let it dry and leave it overnight

• Wash it off the next morning

Repeat the procedures till the spots fade off.


Garlic has a natural anti fungal agent, ajoene in it. This is highly effective in preventing fungal infections like ringworm.


• Take a garlic clove

• Cut in into two pieces

• Rub it in the affected part


Make a thick paste of it and put it on the affected part


Keep the clove slices on the affected skin and cover them with a bandage
Leave overnight. Wash it off in the morning.


This kitchen spice is a wonderful natural healer of ringworm.


• Extract juice from the root of turmeric.

• Apply it directly on the spot with a cotton ball

• Repeat this at least 2-3 times in a day
Keep doing it till the infection subsides.

Lavender oil

The oil alone is capable of killing the fungus completely due to its strong anti fungal properties.


• Apply a few drops of lavender oil on the infected skin

Another remedy using lavender oil


• Mix a few drops of lavender oil with a teaspoon of jojoba oil
Apply it directly with a cotton ball. The infection will subside in a few days

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are helpful in preventing ringworm.


• Make a paste by grinding some mustard seeds

• Apply directly on the infected skin

• Let it dry

• Rinse off

• Repeat it 2-3 times in a day

The spots will be eliminated in a few weeks.


Papaya has an enzyme papain in it which helps in eliminating ringworm spots.


• Cut the fruit

• Take the fleshy slices

• Place the slices on the affected part

• Bandage them with a plastic wrap to keep them at one place for a few hours

• Remove the bandage

• Wash off

Vinegar and salt

A combination of vinegar and salt is highly effective against ringworm.


• Make a paste of vinegar and salt

• Put it on the skin directly

• Let it stay for 4-5 minutes

This treatment heals ringworm really fast.
These were some methods to eliminate the ringworm spots completely. If you are suffering from ringworm, employ these methods.

– Evelyn Kelly is a fitness enthusiast and a fellow writer. She contributes for various online health publications that mainly cover skin care measures, health, fitness and sports. She guides people about skin infections such as ringworm, herpes, impetigo, staph, MRSA etc. I feel your platform is best to share my views. She is very expressive and always wants to share her professional experience with her audience.

Ward Off Menopausal Weight Gain

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womantwistingFrom Your Health Journal…..”I wanted to promote a great article in the Huffington Post written by Ellen Dolgen entitled How to Ward Off Menopausal Weight Gain. I love how she starts off the article by saying, “It’s springtime! Are you still waiting for that winter weight to melt?” How true! So many of us, men and women gain unwanted weight during the winter months. Many times, we fall into a horrible routine of eating more and exercising less. The days are shorter, weather colder, and motivation to stay fit lessens. And….for many of us on the east coast, Superstorm Sandy made Winter feel like it started a tad bit early this year. Most people gain about one pound over the winter months, according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. And while one pound seems relatively harmless, that extra poundage is the result of both fat gain and muscle loss, which can put your waistline — and your health — at risk. Ms. Dolgen gives some excellent tips to avoid the Winter weight gain, and how to start off Spring fresh and revived. The one things I find is to try and maintain a similar lifestyle throughout all the months of the year. If you exercise a little less, try to eat a little less. A healthy balance along with a good attitude can carry you a long way. Remember, exercise alone is not enough, and healthy diet alone is not enough. Again, a healthy combination, along with proper sleep, and less stress can carry you a long way to a healthier lifestyle. Please visit the Huffington Post web site (link provided below) to read the complete article.”

From the article…..

It’s springtime! Are you still waiting for that winter weight to melt? For many of us, winter means seeing a shifting scale.

Most people gain about one pound over the winter months, according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. And while one pound seems relatively harmless, that extra poundage is the result of both fat gain and muscle loss, which can put your waistline — and your health — at risk. Gaining as little as 4.4 pounds after age 50 could increase your risk of breast cancer by 30 percent, according to Mayo Clinic.

Regardless of what number you see on the scale, women’s weight through menopause and perimenopause is largely determined by five factors: hormones, diet, exercise, stress and genetics. Though we may not be able to control all of these factors on our own, a healthy weight is certainly within reach and should be an achievable goal.

Here are my five steps to help you shed those extra menopausal pounds:

1. Don’t let your hormones get the best of you. Research shows that estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus of the brain control food intake, energy expenditure, and body fat distribution. When estrogen levels in the brain dip during menopause, this control panel increases hunger, slows metabolism, and encourages fat gain around the waist. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could potentially be improved upon to keep the brain’s estrogen receptors from promoting hunger, a sluggish metabolism, and a growing waistline during menopause. Currently, HRT may prevent abdominal fat gain, according to research from Gunma University School of Medicine in Japan.

To read the full article…..Click here