Work That Chair: 6 Household Items For Awesome Abs

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This article is courtesy of PRWeb, please share your comments below…..Even though this article is from February for heart health month, it has some valuable tips to apply all year round.

seniorexerciseIf you are feeling that your clothes are a tad snug, the love handles are too much to handle, you are not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 34.9% of U.S. adult women are overweight. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death. February is heart health month and Agnes Davis, a woman over 50, knows first hand that weight not only impacts the exterior, but also the interior and she wants to change that.

Six years ago, Agnes C. Davis was wrongfully terminated from her job at a top New York City hospital and had to reinvent her professional and personal life. She was broken, broke depressed and overweight. Davis fought hard to get her job back and fought harder to maintain her sanity and get the weight off. Working out at home was her medicine of choice.

“We all have things in our homes we can utilize to get that body ready for spring/summer. Okay, maybe, you won’t be wearing a bikini just yet, but you can start to drop pounds, lean out, change eating habits and with consistency a new body will emerge. After I was wrongfully terminated from my job, I started to eat and gained weight on my slender physique. Everything was just harder to do and coupled with depression the weight kept on coming. I decided to make a change and looked around in my house to see what I could use for a good workout. Keep in mind that I am a swimmer, so my body was always lean but packing on 5-7 extra pounds can be heavy for anyone’s joints and heart, including mine,” expresses Davis.

These days, Davis, is healthy, fit, fabulous and the CEO of swim swim swim I SAY (, and a full-time cardiovascular perfusionist at a top New York City hospital. Davis is a passionate warrior for living life, having fun and making a difference. “I don’t go to the gym, all the equipment to save your life and heart is in your house. Stick to a plan/vision, commitment, exercise and repetition,” says Agnes.

Agnes C. Davis’ Tips for Awesome Abs and Arms in 25 Minutes:

healthyheart1) Mind matters. The first essential piece of equipment to a healthy body is a healthy mindset. Use your mind for motivation.

2) Work that chair. Find a durable and stable chair in your home to start your balancing routine. Once you can balance on the chair, start doing bent leg raises with knee above your hips. Graduate to using chair for squats. Hold the abdominal muscle in each time. This exercise will start to shape your abs, hips, butt and legs. When you get stronger, get rid of the chair.

3) Water is magical. Use (2) bottles of 5-liter as your dumbbells to work those arms. Start with dumbbell curls, overhead presses, kickbacks, etc. Increase the water bottle weight, as it gets easier. *Tip: Drink the bottles of water as you move onto bigger bottles.

4) Kick the garbage out. Tall garbage cans are great for squats. Hold the can; bend down with wide legs turned out and a straight back. Keep your abdominal strong and watch a perfect form emerge. No weight needed, your natural body will help you tone over time.

5) Take this Sheet and bicep curl it. Take an old bed sheet, twirl the sheet, put one hand on each end then step on the sheet with both feet in the middle. Now bend the knees slightly holding the sheet with both elbows at a slight right angle into your side. Slide your right foot on the sheet, knees still bent to meet your left foot. Right arm will pull up on sheet to create a bicep curl while keeping the sheet nice and tight. Repeat (10x) on each side.

6) Lift that body, now give me 10. The best way to tone is to use your (own) body, your dead weight so to speak. Start with doing modified push-ups using your body weight to go up and down. As it becomes easier, your challenge is to do a full body push up, with no weight to build stamina and tone the body.

“By following these tips, you’ll decrease stress, increase heart health, and promote self confidence while getting your body back into shape,” Agnes Davis says.

About Agnes C. Davis:

Agnes C. Davis is the CEO, swim swim swim I SAY (sssIS) the only female minority-owned and operated swimming company in New York City. Davis’ work has been featured in such national platforms as Associated Press, USA Today, ABC News, Yahoo, Washington Post, as well as Black Enterprise and Sirius XM. For more information on Agnes, visit her website at: