Why To Choose Alkaline Lifestyle To Protect Bones?

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grandparentchildFor a very long time, the nature of Osteoporosis and the resulting fractures have been incomprehensible due to enigmatic results of researches. It was observed that in Asian countries, e.g. Japan, where lives of people are almost as long as of people from western countries and America, people rarely have osteoporosis fractures despite having no calcium-rich products in their daily diets. And, amazingly, in European countries and America, though people take high amount of dairy products, higher number of osteoporosis cases is observed. Another unresolved mystery was that there was no association between intake of calcium or protein and osteoporosis. So, the chemistry of osteoporosis has been confusing for many years.

Bone Health Theory:

There is a theory of bone health, which provides answer for these observations. It is called as the theory of low-acid food. The theory urges to increase the intake of low-acid foods, which includes fresh fruits and green vegetables that contain less protein.

The proponents of this dietary plan say that low-acid foods make bones stronger, which is not possible by American typical foods, which are, mainly, dairy products that are rich in animal proteins and calcium.

Choosing alkaline foods and electrolyzed drinking water can prevent from many chronic health issues and diseases, which ruin the entire old age period of many people. Bones change their shape and nature with time. Bones are always either breaking or building, but when the breaking is more rapid than building, bones get weaker.

Bones also take part in metabolic processes of human body. Bones are the largest resource of calcium in our body and maintain the acid-base level in blood within the narrow range. When the blood gains acidity, alkaline calcium compounds, like CaCO3, are released by bones to lower the acidity.

Researches have proven that vegetables and fruits have great ability to neutralize acidity and they also keep bones healthy. The metabolism of fruits and vegetables produces alkaline carbonates, whereas the metabolism of cereals and proteins produces acids. If the intake of proteins is more than the body needs, blood becomes acidic, and the body will need high amount of alkaline compounds to neutralize it.

Researches & Studies:

fruitswhiteThe study by Dr. Dawson Hughes suggested that increase in alkaline amount by taking more fruits and vegetables is a secure and cost-effective way to avoid osteoporosis and it strengthens bones in aged people. Several other studies also suggested that eating fruits and vegetables lowers the blood pressure, which minimizes the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.

Clinical experiments have proven that milk, dairy products and calcium supplements can’t avoid bones fractures. These kinds of products are metabolized to neutral compounds. The reason for high rates of bone fractures is that American and Western people also eat high amount of meat, fish and poultry.

Final Thoughts:

These studies do not mean that we should completely abandon consuming protein, as old people eat protein, which is essentially required by their body. The researchers also do not ask to become vegetarian for healthy bones, rather these conclude that people eating high amount of protein should replace their high protein items with fruits and vegetables to help the body neutralizing the acidity and live a healthy life.

– Submitted by Muddassir Hosein