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qaQ & A With Dr. Michael Wald

Q: Does the regular blood work your doctor orders screen for toxicity?

ANSWER: No. It is not part of the “standard” workup, and unless you have suffered from an obvious occupational or environmental exposure to a toxin(s), your doctor would almost certainly refuse to test you.

Q: Is there a comprehensive panel for toxins?

ANSWER: Yes and No: There are countless toxins, so various panels exist which should be chosen specifically for each individual person.

Q: Which toxins are most important and should be tested?

ANSWER: No single or several toxin tests can be recommended for everyone, and what is tested should be carefully chosen based on symptoms, current health issues and other factors.

Q: Can’t I just do a “Detox Program” and not check the toxins themselves?

ANSWER: Yes and No: General health improvements including a cleaner diet and juicing are always a good idea, but unless the diet and/or supplements are specific to the toxin(s), one cannot be sure that true detoxification is happening. Feeling better is not enough, and may be a temporary result
of the detox. Different toxins need different detoxification methods. Also, detox should also be based on other factors such as exercise, stress, medications, symptoms and other unique needs of each individual.

Q: How do I know if I am detoxing or not?

ANSWER: This is not something that you should try to figure out on your own if you are sick. Seek the advice of an experienced health care professional who can test labs, consult with you and knows the difference between someone getting worse and a “clearing or detox reaction.”

– Dr. Michael Wald, Brain-Energy Blast

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