5 Essential Ways To Attract New Patients

By Diana Barsan Attracting new patients is a fundamental challenge for every practice. In order to keep your pipeline full you need a good plan, and the proper execution. Here…

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Natural Ways To Relieve Minor Anxiety

By Catherine Guzman Feeling anxious from time to time is perfectly natural, and most human beings experience a pang of anxiousness periodically. Anxiety becomes a bigger issue when the sufferer…

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Best Ways To Motivate Your Children To Live An Active Physical Lifestyle

By Kennith Campbell Developing strong bodies and minds is a critical part of childhood, but few too many kids nowadays have the inspiration or motivation to do much more than…

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Top 10 Best Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle

By Angelina Lawson Enjoying your life is sometimes difficult to do; especially when hard times come, when finances are not doing well or when your health is not good. However,…

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Finding Ways To Keep Kids Healthy

From Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting article in the Daily Herald written by By Kimberly Pohl entitled Finding Ways To Keep Kids Healthy. The article discusses how parents are getting…

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Study Suggests Best Ways For Schools To Promote Physical Activity

From Your Health Journal…..”Education Week is one of my favorite web site, full of informative articles that really educate readers. Recently, I found an article on their site written by…

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Ways Parents Can Take Responsibility for Child Obesity

From Your Health Journal…..”The Huffington Post has some amazing writers, and I did enjoy Debbie Gisonni’s post recently about how parents can take responsibility for childhood obesity. This has always…

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2 More Ways To Lose Weight By Eating More

By John Chandley In my previous article here, I shared two scientifically proven ways you can lose weight. I wanted to add 2 more eating habits you can cultivate to…

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Ways To Prevent Obesity, Diabetes Identified

From Your Health Journal…..”Good morning, as I have mentioned here before with reviews of other online health articles, The Times of India has some great writers and great stories, so…

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