Just In Time – Part 2

By Ester Nicholson Continued from part 1 of this article….. I hopped in a taxi to take me to the neighborhood where I could feed the monster raging in my…

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Just In Time – Part 1

By Ester Nicholson “I hung around Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and AA meetings for two years before I was even able to string ninety consecutive days together. As I look back…

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7 Healthy Snacks For TV Couch Time

By Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH #1: Popcorn At home you can prepare popcorn in a healthy way. Air-popped popcorn is a relatively healthy treat. Three cups of popcorn have…

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10% Of Children Are Already Obese By The Time They Start Primary School

From Your Health Journal…..What an interesting article in the Daily Mail written by Anna Hodgekiss entitled 10% of children are already obese by the time they start primary school. This…

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Time To Put Children And Youth At The Top Of The Agenda

From Your Health Journal…..”An excellent article today in the Huffington Post by Deborah Klein Walker called Time To Put Children And Youth At The Top Of The Agenda. The author…

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Limiting Kids’ Screen Time

From Your Health Journal…..”I found a great web site today called ‘Alive’ which I encourage you all to visit (link provided below), as they have some excellent articles to read,…

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