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doctorRockville Chiropractors Answer Common Questions…..

Today, when we are always busy and hurried, numerous diseases can slow us down and stop us from reaching the desired goal. Life’s span is longer than ever, but the quality of our lives has decreased, although we have all the commodities and predispositions to not be like that. But sometimes, the modern way of life prevents us from taking more care of ourselves.

Arthritis is a surprisingly common disease, even in a younger population. The inflammatory process that damages the joints can greatly aggravate our movement, doing everyday activities, and in general, affect the quality of our lives. In the text below, Healing Hand Chiropractic experts resolve the doubts most patients have about chiropractic as an alternative form of treatment for this disease.

Does Arthritis Affect Our Life?

Rheumatoid disorders, including arthritis, are the leading cause of reduced mobility and chronic pain throughout the body. Due to less movement, many people feel like they’re limited. Not to mention this condition significantly affect their working abilities. If patients neglect the disease, it can severely damage their skeletal system, and ultimately lead to permanent disability.

Arthritis can appear in several hundred different types, but the most common division is on chronic and acute forms. Other forms are available on this link. Every fourth person with diagnosed arthritis has a severe form of this condition, which should be treated as soon as possible. Patients should ask for a chiropractor’s help when their doctor suggests this method as an addition to conventional therapies in the treatment of arthritis.

Will the Treatment Hurt?

We won’t lie to you. This method is not completely painless, especially if the cause of your suffering is in the area of the spine. However, this is a quite bearable pain. The rule all chiropractors follow is not to harm the patient, so do not worry about some sudden moves and breakages that will cause more pain.

The professional will try to place your spine or ankle by slowly massaging the painful place and returning it to its initial position. When you feel it hurts, let your chiropractor know. Chiropractors will stretch you gently, to place your body in a position where the spinal cord, hips, and shoulders are unburdened.

Arthritis in the back is one of the most common types which chiropractors can treat. More about this disorder find on this page:

If there is some inflammation of the surrounding tissues, returning to the initial position brings great relief to the patients, as they feel immediate cessation of the pain.

How Often You Should Visit a Chiropractor?

doctorThe number of chiropractic treatments depends on many factors, such as the severity of the condition, the patient’s age, the level of physical activity, and also the compatibility with conventional therapies. As for the treatment of arthritis, the adjustment of the spinal cord and joints usually occurs during the first visit, after the chiropractor gets insight into your medical documentation and the physiotherapist’s opinion.

Once the doctor set the diagnosis, a patient should start the therapy as soon as possible. If, after treatment, the patient feels the improvement, in agreement with the doctor decides on the continuation of chiropractic therapy. Frequent visits are usually recommended to chronic patients, for pain relief. The body needs continuity to regain balance and start the process of self-healing.

Can We Live with Arthritis?

Symptoms of arthritis vary. People with the same diagnosis do not have to feel pain in the same place and the same intensity. If arthritis patients work on improving the quality of life, the impact of this disease can be decreased.

However, if the healing of arthritis is neglected, the daily functioning in patients can be threatened because of the pain, the deformity of the joints, etc. Besides the regular therapy, arthritis patients have to introduce a number of changes in the previous way of life. They have to move, be physical activity, stay in the fresh air, but also to introduce healthier nutrition. Avoiding stress can significantly ease life with arthritis too. On this webpage, you can read how our body responses to stress.

After the first visit to the Chiropractor, many patients feel better. But to achieve lasting and better results in their fight with arthritis,   different treatments should be combined and conducted consistently.

3 Ways To Relieve The Stress In Your Life

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womanFor most people, dealing with a large amount of stress on their job or at home is a normal occurrence. There are a number of issues in a person’s life that can cause a great deal of stress, which means they will need to find a way to reduce it. Without the reduction of stress in one’s life, they will be susceptible to a wide variety of different ailments and diseases. There are a number of ways to reduce stress out there and finding the right one will take some time and research on your part. The following are a few of the ways you can alleviate stress in your life.

Getting a Hobby

One of the best ways to relieve some of the stress you have in your life is by finding a hobby. By finding something you can lose yourself in, you will be able to remove some of the stress in your life. Make sure you give some thought to the type of hobby you will best enjoy. The more you are able to find out about the hobbies out there, the easier you will find it to get the right one chosen.

Take Advantage of Massages

Another great way to reduce the amount of stress you have in your life is by visiting a massage therapist in Burlington. There are a number of studies that show regular massages will help to alleviate some of the stress in a person’s life. In order to get the right massage, you will have to first find the right establishment to go to. Ideally, you want to find a massage parlor with a good bit of experience and knowledge in the field. Usually, you will be able to find out everything you want to from going online and doing some research.

Getting More Exercise

The next thing you need to do when trying to reduce some of the stress in your life is to participate in regular exercise. The more you area able to exert yourself physically, the easier you will find it to get the right results. Make sure you speak with a health professional to get some idea on what you need to be doing in order to get the most out of your routines. The more you are able to find out about what you need to be doing in regards to exercising, the easier you will find it to get the right results.

At Appleby Total Health, you will be able to get the massage treatments you are looking for. Be sure to call them or visit their website in order to get more information on what they can provide for you.

Submitted by Kashif Raza

New Relaxation App Helps Relieve Stress

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smartphoneProduct Designer and Entrepreneur Tim de Jardine has launched a unique app designed to help executives make a transition back into work and manage stress through a daily mindful relaxation practice.

The app “Inner Citadel” is available on the iTunes App Store and features a program thats gets users into the habit of daily focused relaxation in just a few minutes a day.

de Jardine said, “The holiday season is over and as workers return to their jobs, they need to think about their stress levels. Too often, workers find themselves tired and burnt out before the first quarter ends. One of the best ways to manage and reduce stress is through daily focused relaxation”.

“There are already dozens of relaxation apps, and most of them quite honestly are too complicated and uninspiring. Users have to get through the hurdles of too many options, levels and settings. What makes Inner Citadel stand out is its simplicity, focus on habit formation and continuous improvement. It is suitable for users of all levels”.

de Jardine says that he got frustrated with all the unnecessary complexity in many other relaxation apps. He wanted an executive focused app to help manage his own stress levels. Something to just “open and go” and then to want to do it again, so he created Inner Citadel.

The app is easy to use, with users selecting a relaxation soundtrack, setting a duration and tapping play. After each session they provide one tap feedback on how it went. The app automatically reminds the user to relax, helping the creation of a new relaxation habit. Users can then view their results from each session and improve through the guide within the app.

The “Inner Citadel” app, marketed by de Jardines TUTO company, is free to download and use with one soundtrack for sessions of up to 20 minutes, and then for just $2.99 access the full program.

The App includes:

* 10 relaxation soundtracks

* Weekly / Monthly Progress graphs

* ‘Nirvana Score’ a metric to record the quality of each relaxation session.

* A reminder system, set by the user, to create a relaxation habit

Natural Ways To Relieve Minor Anxiety

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By Catherine Guzman

womanarmupFeeling anxious from time to time is perfectly natural, and most human beings experience a pang of anxiousness periodically. Anxiety becomes a bigger issue when the sufferer starts to feel anxious on a day-to-day basis, even if the symptoms are mild. Mild anxiety symptoms can include a racing heart, shakiness, and a general feeling that something bad is about to happen. It is important to deal with anxiety when it is at the minor stage, as ignoring these tell-tale symptoms can put you at risk of developing panic attacks, which in turn can lead to a host of anxiety issues.

What Causes Anxiety?

There are many situations in life that can cause minor anxiety. Stress at work or school, a recent break up, and even hormones may play a part. Anxiety is the body’s way of releasing fear, and when someone internalizes their issues for a long period of time, they may feel like they are in a constant state of worry, which definitely does not contribute well to the quality of life. The good news is that minor anxiety can be easily controlled by taking a few simple steps and re-organizing your thought process.

Step One: Get to the Root of the Problem

stressIf you find yourself in a constant state of worry, the first step to take is to recognize what it is that is bothering you. Are you feeling overwhelmed at work or school, do you have financial issues? By recognizing your problem rather than burying it, you will minimize the fear and anxiety that are consuming you. You can also get your problems out in the open by discussing them with a close friend or family member, or even creating a journal. The most important aspect is to get your fears out in the open. Once you can look at the situation clearly, you will be able to find a solution, and you have released everything that has been building up inside of you and causing the anxiety.

Step Two: Deep Breathing

When a person has an anxiety attack, their first complaint is that they feel like they are gasping for air. Deep, calming breaths work wonders on the body. First, they balance out the entire system, which in turn keeps the heart rate down. Secondly, when you are simply focusing on your breathing, you are truly staying in the present moment, and when you are focusing on the present, you simply do not have time to worry about what could possibly happen or fret about what has happened in the past.

Step 3: Give Yourself a Break

womanpushupLife throws curveballs to everyone from time to time, and in today’s world, it is easy to find yourself in a world of fear and “what ifs”. The problem with this type of worry is that while it is perfectly natural to experience it from time to time, worrying and feeling anxious every day is bad for your health, and it truly takes away the experience of life. Whatever your worries may be, it is important to know that there is most likely a solution around the corner. By facing your day-to-day challenges and dealing with life on a moment-to-moment basis, you may be pleasantly surprised with how well everything turns out.

– Catherine Guzman is a stay-at-home mom with three school-aged children. She enjoys writing for a variety of websites in her spare time. Click here to learn more about natural remedies for anxiety.