Expert Provides Insight On Sports And Mental Health

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Professional athletes may endure loneliness along with immense pressure as they pursue their goals within their sport, and their focus on their mental…

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Maternal Mental Health Amid The Pandemic

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Social distancing guidelines arising from the ongoing pandemic can inevitably lead to heightened stress among pregnant and postpartum women. Physical distance is a…

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Remote Work And Mental Health In The COVID World

By Ivana Babic…. The pandemic struck suddenly, and it struck hard. The whole world found itself struggling to keep everything from falling apart in all walks of life. Once the…

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Take Care Of Your Mental Health This Election Season

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Regardless of political party, elections weigh on many Americans, and with long-lasting coverage, it can be difficult to escape the political noise. A…

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Impact Of Dogs On Mental And Physical Health

By James Shore A dog is man’s best friend and best friends can never see you in pain. Latest studies have shown how dogs and cats at offices improve the…

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Health Briefs TV Segment Focuses On Children’s Mental Health

This article is courtesy of PRWeb, please share your thoughts below….. Children’s mental health concerns will top a Health Briefs TV segment. Health Briefs TV producers are pleased to announce…

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Mental Health And Children: A Family Affair

By Adelle Cadieux, PsyD When talking about mental health, focus is often given to how the disease or condition affects the individual living with it. However, what about that individual’s…

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Ten Keys To Correcting Your Physical And Mental Symptoms— Even When You’ve Tried Everything Else And Nothing Has Helped

By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC It’s quite a challenge to determine exactly what is at the core of a person’s problems. There are literally hundreds of possibilities that can cause…

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Different Ways To Care For Your Mental Well-being

By Gerry Toms We all experience stress in different ways. While some people let their worries boil over until they affect the way they behave with their friends and family,…

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U.S. Adults With Mental Illness Have Higher Smoking Rates

From Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting release from The Robert Wood Johnson about adults with mental illness having a higher smoking percentage rate that those with no mental illness. A…

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