Boost Your Confidence By Learning A Musical Instrument

By Curtis Dean…. Music has always been the best therapy. This is one of the facts that no one dare to dispute. Whenever you are feeling tired, you can just…

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6 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

By David Johnson We all have days when we just aren’t our own biggest fan. But the truth is… you’re awesome! Here are some tips to help you remember this…

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Gain Your Confidence Back By Eliminating Ringworm Spots

By Evelyn Kelly Ringworm is no worm but a fungal infection that affects the skin at various places like scalp, nails, arms, legs, back and the groin area. Different types…

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Navigate Your College Dining Experience With Confidence

By: Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RD, CDN, CDE Whether you are a returning college student or just starting out as a freshman, the nutritional landscape can be difficult to navigate….

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obese child

Negative Impacts Of Obesity More Among Boys

From Your Health Journal…..”A great article today on Zee News an Australian publication I enjoy reading and promoting, which posted an article about the negative impacts of obesity on boys….

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