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Well, it appears my site was tampered with again, but all is better now. Another article was posted without my doing that should not have been posted….this time, an advertisement for a specific product (A Supplement Ad). Sorry, hope it is under control now. These are articles I would never post as I do not want my readers to think I am responsible for them. Also, there have been a few times over the last couple weeks text has been altered on various articles without my prior knowledge, which affected the message of the article, but it is under control now. Apologies…..

Footnote added….as of August 26, 2014…..

sitelockFor added security, I just had to add SiteLock to my site. It will add extra security to my site, although cost me more money to maintain this site each year. But, I just do not want to deal with the tampering that occurred over the last few weeks, so hopefully, this will be the fix. When key words are taken out of articles, turning them to controversial, or ads being placed on my site, new measures have to be taken. If you notice, you will see a SiteLock logo on the bottom right part of each page, which will state if my site is now secure. Nothing is perfect, but just a little added protection.

Another Footnote added….as of August 27, 2014…..

SiteLock discovered two entry points that intruders were able to edit posts on my site, which have now been closed. Thank you SiteLock.

Also, recently I have discussed an article that was posted on another site about Down Syndrome, which offended many in a community. I have written to this web site (which I am NOT affiliated with) and asked them how they can take down the article. Here is a snip from their first response, which I will follow up on.

“PRWeb releases are put on Dispute/Hold status when/if we are notified of potentially libelous information or a serious inaccuracy that affects a person, company, organization, etc. named in the release.

Releases may also be put on Dispute/Hold Status when we learn that information in a release may violate copyright law or PRWeb’s terms of service or when we are informed that the submitter does not have authorization to release information on behalf of the organization or person named in the release.

PRWeb does not fact-check releases and we are disinclined to put a release on Dispute/Hold just because someone takes issue with a company calling itself the best or the first, or because someone suspects that the business promoted in a press release is sleazy, sketchy, etc. However, if the release specifically mentions the complainer/competitor and contains false or derogatory information about the competitor/person making the complaint, it may go on dispute/hold.

NOTE: PRWeb editors do not spend a great deal of time fact-checking ambiguous complaints (“They’re making my company look bad because they say they are the first”), or trying to research which press release the person is complaining about. In order to assist someone with a complaint, we need them to give us the URL or PRID#, their contact information (no anonymous reports are accepted); the specific statements in the release that are libelous, untrue, etc.; and a reasonable explanation of how the information is harmful to him/her, the organization named in the release or society at large.”

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  1. Thank you everyone for your support. I have an idea of what happened, but just chose not to speak about it, as my goal was to correct a situation as best as I can that was out of my control. When errors occur, you try to fix them, and then make a situation better through support and communication.

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